Show Tunes Night On Over the Rainbow

Greetings Munchkins! Another episode of Over the Rainbow is just around the corner and we're very excited about tonight's show! Our Top 8 Dorothys are bubbling with energy, the judges chairs have been polished, and Daryn Jones is suited up and ready to unleash a few more zingers.

Early last week we asked fans on Facebook to chime in on whether they wanted to see more show tunes or more pop hits - and show tunes took the vote in a landslide. So we're thrilled to tell you that you'll be seeing some big, fun show tune classics tonight. We would tell you what songs have been selected - but then we'd have to whisk you away in a tornado - best to tune in and see for yourself!

Stephanie La Rochelle warms up the stage for Episode 3.

And for those of you that like to play along with the app, we've got some good news. The Over the Rainbow app is now available for Android users, and a new update is available for iOS 6 users - so join in the fun tonight and cast those votes - Our Dorothys need you! Watch the next step down the yellow brick road, tonight at 8PM/830 NT, only on CBC!