Over the Rainbow: Playing the Game

The more you play the game, the more votes you earn.

Over the Rainbow has been going for a couple of weeks now, and we know most of you are playing along and earning votes... but we want you to earn more!

Here are a few pro tips...

PRO TIP: Earning votes is pretty easy. You just need to come back to the site every day to make sure you don't miss anything.

PRO TIP: There are three ranks in Oz - here's how they work

Munchkins - these are the players that have only earned between 2 and 10 votes. They don't have much influence in Oz.

Lollipop Guild - these are the players that have earned between 11 and 25 Votes.

Emerald City Guild - these are the players that have the most influence in Oz. They come back daily to earn challenges. They play along with The Over the Rainbow App during the show, and they have the most power and influence in Oz.


PRO TIP: The Emerald City Council
The Emerald City Council is the Top 20 Vote earners from all of Oz. They are the most powerful people in the game. Each week, we reach out to them and give them a challenge. The winner of that challenge will gain 100 extra votes.

Last week, we asked the Emerald City Council to put up as many Allegiance Posters as possible. Our winner received 100 Votes!


Good luck and have fun!