Our Top 3 Want Your Votes!

Well Munchkins, it's all come down to this moment. Adrenaline is at an all-time high here at Rainbow headquarters as we get set for our last performance show.

Tonight our Top 3 Dorothys - AJ Bridel, Stephanie La Rochelle and Danielle Wade will compete one last time for your votes in what promises to be our most exciting episode yet. And by tomorrow night - you, Canada, will have decided which of our lucky Dorothy hopefuls will grace the stage in the upcoming Ed Mirvish production of The Wizard of Oz.

Your Top 3 Dorothys rehearse: from left, AJ Bridel, Danielle Wade and Stephanie La Rochelle.

The Lord himself, Andrew Lloyd Webber, is in the studio and will retake his seat with our judging panel this evening - but the Dorothy who gets to wear those shiny ruby red slippers will be chosen entirely by our voters and then she's off to rehearsals faster than you can say 'there's no place home.'

So what do we have in store for you tonight, Over the Rainbow fans? Without giving away all of the Wizard's secrets, we can tell you each of our Top 3 Dorothys will be performing some of the most memorable numbers from big name musicals, and you might just see a few real live Munchkins take the stage.

We urge you to tune in tonight and use those hard-earned votes, folks. Remember, you can vote online or via the Over the Rainbow app, or you can call it in by phone. Your votes matter now more than ever Rainbow fans - this is the one that decides who will be Dorothy.

Join us this evening at 8PM/830 NT for another journey to Oz, only on CBC.