Our Final Four Prep For A Showdown

Hey there Over the Rainbow fans! We're down to only four Dorothy hopefuls and we've got another big show hitting screens across Canada tonight.

Host Daryn Jones warms up the stage for tonight's show.

So what's in the cards? Well, we can tell you you'll be treated to some songs from classic musicals this evening, as well as some big ensemble numbers that'll have you believing. We all know our Top 4 Dorothys can sing and dance, so the judges have hinted that their primary focus this evening will be on the girls' acting skills and stamina. And you can bet our Top 4 will be giving it their all tonight as they close in on the big prize.

Danielle Wade prepares to rehearse her solo performance.

By the time tomorrow night's results are in we'll be one step closer to handing out those coveted ruby red slippers - so tune in tonight and make those votes count, Canada!

Come and join us for another trip down the yellow brick road tonight at 8/830 PM NT, only on CBC!