Lions and Tigers and... Giraffes?

It's almost most show time once again here at Over the Rainbow and we've just received a visit from a very special guest. Last week, we asked those of you that play along with the app what you'd like to see next in the Toto pen, and Graham the Giraffe was a landslide winner. Here all the way from West Africa, he landed safely in the studio today and took some time to have a look around.

We don't know if he's here looking for a brain, or a heart, or even courage. We think he just wants to have a good time. But we're told he's a fairly harsh critic when it comes to musicals, and our Top 7 Dorothys are already vying for his attention in hopes of gaining an edge. Luckily, we had a photographer on hand and Graham was kind enough to let us snap some shots of his studio tour.

We hope you're as excited for tonight's show as Graham is, our Top 7 sure are. Watch with us tonight at 8PM/830 NT, as the journey Over the Rainbow continues.

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