Jessie Munro's Rainbow Journey Ends

It was another tough results night Over the Rainbow fans, as we had to bid goodbye to Toronto's Jessie Munro, and one more Toto contestant.

The show opened with a little surprise, as judge, mentor and Tony nominated theatre legend Louise Pitre took the stage with the Top 6 for the evening's opening number. Fittingly, they performed a medley of songs from Mamma Mia!, with Louise reprising her acclaimed turn as Donna Sheridan.

Louise Pitre and the Top 6 perform a medley of songs from Mamma Mia!

But then the hard part of the show was upon us - as beloved Toto contestant Guiness was voted out of the running after the dogs were (quite literally) put through their paces.

And things didn't get any easier as we moved into the announcement of this week's bottom two. Dorothy hopefuls Jessie Munro and Cassandra Hodgins were selected to face each other in the sing-off, performing Tell Me It's Not True from the 1983 musical Blood Brothers.

Jessie and Cassandra share a moment after hearing Arlene's decision.

Judge Arlene Phillips was once again forced to make a difficult decision, but ultimately she chose to save Cassandra, citing that she felt her storytelling of the song was stronger. Despite the decision, Jessie held back tears as best she could and graced us with one final performance of Over the Rainbow.

Jessie Munro sings Over the Rainbow.

And so we say goodbye to another great talent as we narrow the competition down to the Top 5. We wish Jessie the best of success as she continues her career, and we'd like to remind you, Canada, to keep those votes coming. We're officially at the halfway mark, and your votes can keep your favourite Dorothy safe.

Tune in next week at 8/830PM NT as we continue the search for Canada's Dorothy.