Happy Hour! One Hour, Ten Votes!

Votes are the lifeline of a Dorothy in Over the Rainbow, and you must earn those votes to help keep a Dorothy's dream alive!

You've asked for more ways to earn votes and starting this Friday you can!


Each and every Friday we will flip the switch on Happy Hour where we will pose you with a question and if answered correctly, you'll bag yourself 10 votes! 

Those votes will be added to your overall vote count, which you can use during the next voting window to keep your Dorothy safe from the dreaded elimination.

But when is Happy Hour? 

That's where your super senses will come into play! 

We'll be Tweeting out (@CBCRainbow) and posting on Facebook when the challenge goes live, so you'll need to keep your eyes open and your fingers on the pulse of the OTR community to earn those votes. 

You'll never know when they'll show up!

The Happy Hour challenge will show up inside your Over The Rainbow App or on the website at cbc.ca/overtherainbow

Good luck! And on Friday, let the games begin!