Dorothys Take on Edge Walk

Some say the Scarecrow, TinMan and Cowardly Lion represent the three most outstanding Dorothy qualities - Brains. Heart. Courage.

For this weeks challenge, we helped our six remaining Dorothy's find and build upon their courage.

The Dorothy's along with our "up for anything" host Daryn Jones, took to the sky on the tallest free-standing structure in the Western Hemisphere by participating in The CN Tower EdgeWalk!

The girls were suited up and led out onto the CN Tower edge soaring at 356 metres high! After settling into their harnesses, they took a leisurely stroll around the CN Tower, getting a rare 360 degree view of the city . It was a pretty incredible experience for the Dorothy's and definitely tested their strength, courage and support for each other.

Want to see how the girls did? Did any of them freak out? Find out on Sunday at 8 pm during Over The Rainbow's next performance episode!