Dorothy Hopeful Jennifer Gillis Heads Home

A heartbreaking episode of Over the Rainbow comes to a conclusion as Jennifer Gillis' journey down the yellow brick road came to an end last night.

The Top 7 sing 'I Enjoy Being A Girl' from Flower Drum Song.

The show kicked off with an impromptu inspection of Dorothy Mansion - where host Daryn Jones had a laugh with our Dorothys while showing Canada just how messy a group of busy performers can be.

The Top 7 then treated us to a group performance of 'I Enjoy Being A Girl', from the musical Flower Drum Song. The number drew praise from Arlene Phillips in particular, who commented on how the girls have grown into a true ensemble.

But tensions rose as our Dorothys prepared for the announcement of the bottom two. It was east versus west as Ottawa's Stephanie La Rochelle faced off against Coquitlam's Jennifer Gillis in a sing-off. In the end, Arlene chose to save Stephanie, citing that she felt her performance had more depth and was more truthful.

Judge Arlene Phillips speaks with Jennifer Gillis after the show.

It was a sad night for one of our most endearing Totos, too. Long-haired chihuahua Wulf, a therapy dog at Toronto's Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, didn't quite make the cut when put through the obstacle course. Only time will tell which of our Toto's gets to be in the final performance show.

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Be sure to catch the Top 6 in our next performance episode of Over the Rainbow this Sunday, October 14th at 8PM/830 NT on CBC.