Dorothy Farm

A few Dorothy hopefuls practice their dance steps at Dorothy Farm.

Well folks, it's a wrap at picturesque Dorothy Farm! Our top twenty Dorothy's spent the last 3 days being put - quite literally - through their paces as Over The Rainbow rehearsals kicked into high gear.

Vocal coach Jeannie Wyse led the girls through no-nonsense song rehearsals, offering sharp, constructive criticism and challenging each Dorothy to hit pitch perfect performances. Choreographer Sean Cheesman then stepped it up a notch - taking the girls through a rigorous work out (push-ups and sit-ups were involved) before assessing their dancing skills.

Vocal coach Jeannie Wyse leads our Dorothy's through a warm-up.

Any opportunity the girls had to sit down and take a break was turned down in favour of more rehearsal - now that's grit. And we're happy to tell you that all twenty Dorothy contestants have got some serious triple threat chops - decisions won't be easy in this competition.

Despite the long days and the grueling schedule, hopes remain high among our Dorothy's - thanks to an unexpected morale booster. Host Daryn Jones may have brought joyful tears to a few eyes when he revealed the next stop on the road to stardom.

So what's in the cards? What we can tell you is that there's an upcoming audition with the king of the modern musical himself - Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber - but then our lips are sealed. Sorry, we can't let too many Totos' out of the bag.