Colleen Furlan's Rainbow Journey Ends

Well Over the Rainbow fans, there's been a lot of anticipation over the last seven weeks and it's all come down to this moment - the final three.

It goes without saying that the results show is never easy, but last night's was particularly hard as we had to say goodbye to the wonderful and talented Colleen Furlan - narrowing the competition down to our Top 3.

The show kicked off with an amusing and fitting rendition of West Side Story's Something's Coming in which the Top 4 performed beckoned towards a stage door marked 'Dorothy'.

The Top 4 performs Something's Coming from Westside Story.

Then came Toto time, where host Daryn Jones, alongside Toto judges Colin Mochrie, Deb McGrath and Mike Macbeth, announced that fans will be voting for which of our final three Toto's will have the chance to perform on-stage in the Over the Rainbow finale next week.

Daryn Jones, Colin Mochrie, Mike Macbeth and Deb McGrath hang out in the Toto Pen.

And then the hardest part of the night was upon us as we moved into the announcement of this week's bottom two vote-getters. Winnipeg's Colleen Furlan and Kitchener's AJ Bridel were chosen to go up against each other in the sing-off, performing No Matter What from Andrew Lloyd Webber's Whistle Down the Wind.

Both Colleen and AJ gave riveting performances, and the judges were on their feet deliberating during the commercial break. But when it came time to make a decision, Arlene opted to save AJ, explaining that she felt 'she had just that much more to give'.

In the moments following, Colleen held her head high and thanked everyone for the experience - then treated us to a final performance of Over the Rainbow. We wish Colleen nothing but success in her future endeavors, and as Daryn Jones put it, 'we haven't seen the last of you'.

Louise Pitre comforts Colleen after the show.

And so we move into our final round next week with our Top 3 - where one very lucky Over the Rainbow contestant will be putting on those ruby red slippers and heading into rehearsals for The Wizard of Oz at the Ed Mirvish Theatre in Toronto.

Watch with us next Sunday at 8PM/830 NT as we take the last steps down the yellow brick road!

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