Cassandra Hodgins Heads Home

It was another difficult evening here at Over the Rainbow folks, as we near the finish line and narrow the playing field, we say goodbye to Cassandra Hodgins, whose journey came to an end last night.

The evening did get off to some rollicking good fun when judge Thom Allison joined the Top 5 on stage for a performance of The Trolley Song from Meet Me In St. Louis - made famous by none other than Judy Garland.

Thom Allison and the Top 5 perform The Trolley Song from Meet Me In St. Louis.

We were also treated to seeing our Toto candidates do some of their first stage stunts - and sadly, Border Collie Ripp couldn't quite make the jump to next week.

Then came the hardest part of the night - the announcement of the bottom two vote-getters, and London's Cassandra's Hodgins, dubbed the Spunky Little Machine, was selected to face-off against Ottawa's Stephanie La Rochelle. The two sang beautifully in hopes of staying in the competition, performing On My Own from Les Misérables. As Thom Allison put it, 'You both sang for your lives tonight. Your futures are both so incredibly bright.'

Judge Arlene Phillips felt both performances were strong, but ultimately she opted to keep Stephanie La Rochelle in the running, explaining that her voice and presence are truly unique.

Cassandra and Stephanie comfort each other moments before their sing-off.

Host Daryn Jones shared a few final words with Cassandra, where she took the opportunity to thank everyone for their support before bringing the studio audience to tears with her performance of Over the Rainbow.

We wish to thank Cassandra for all her wonderful performances, and we wish her nothing but the best in her future pursuits as we move on with only four remaining Dorothys.

Join us and the Top 4 for our next performance show on Sunday, October 28th, 8PM/830 NT.

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