And the Winner Is...

Hello Rainbow fans! It was a close one, but it looks like you've chosen your Dorothy!

Click your heels three times and say congratulations to Danielle Wade! After eight weeks of competition, 20-year-old Danielle has officially been given the coveted ruby red slippers and is on a hot air balloon ride straight to Oz! Oz, of course in this case being Toronto's Ed Mirvish Theatre.

Canada - your Top 3 Dorothys.

The only member of our Top 3 that had never been in the bottom two, Danielle had consistently stellar performances throughout the entire competition, winning over fans and judges alike. And now your votes have spoken and the girl from Lasalle, Ontario who'd never had a big audition before is your Dorothy!

AJ shares a few kind words after her elimination.

Danielle will have a week to relax at home and relish the victory. But then the hard work starts when she joins the cast of The Wizard of Oz in rehearsals next week.

Danielle Wade is your Dorothy!

Danielle beat out Kitchener's AJ Bridel and Ottawa's Stephanie La Rochelle for the part - no easy task as both are astounding young performers in their own right - and we here at Over the Rainbow are sure this is just the beginning for all of our Dorothys.

We send out a heartfelt congratulations to Danielle and her family, and we hope you're looking as forward as we are to seeing her onstage in The Wizard of Oz!