And Now A Word From Our Judges

The judges take their seats. From left, Arlene Phillips, Thom Allison and Louise Pitre.

Sure, we've told you all about what our Dorothys have been up to but what about our talented judging panel? What's next for them? Do they just hop around from talent show to talent show offering their feedback, or do they have something more exciting in the works?

Well, we caught up briefly with Arlene, Thom and Louise to hear what they had to say about their experience on Over the Rainbow and to find out what they've got coming up next.

It should come as no surprise that Arlene Phillips is also off to see the Wizard. She's currently working with Danielle Wade on The Wizard of Oz as the production's choreographer. So now you've got at least two good reasons to catch the big show. You can get your tickets right here!

Arlene with Dorothy hopeful Julia Gartha in Week 3.

As for her time on Rainbow, Arlene says 'I loved being a judge on Over the Rainbow and watching the Top 10 girls develop and grow. Obviously Mondays were hard, and saying goodbye to the girls one by one was not my favourite part of the show. But I miss Rainbow, it was one of the warmest and friendliest TV shows ever.'

Thom Allison, who's got his hands full with three upcoming solo concerts, also enjoyed the experience. 'Working on Over the Rainbow was some of the most fun I've had in my career - both on camera and off', he says.

Thom Allison on the Over the Rainbow set.

Asked what he enjoyed about Rainbow, Thom explains, 'What I loved the most was the generous people putting that show together each week; generous of time, good will, ideas. Lots of laughter and support for each other. It made it a pleasure to go into work every Sunday and Monday.

And if you want to catch Thom in one of his upcoming concerts, you can see him in Broadway, My Way at the Metropolitan Community Church on November 30th. He'll also be doing a solo Christmas themed cabaret at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre on December 16th. Both of those are in Toronto, but you've also got a chance to see Thom in his hometown Winnipeg on January 20th, where he'll be performing an all-Sondheim solo concert.

Not to be outdone, Louise Pitre is busy too, with a show coming up at 54 Below in New York on January 7th. And in early 2013, she can be seen in Toronto based Theatre20's (Louise is a proud founding member) production of Company, where she'll be playing the role of Joanne.

Louise gives advice to Colleen Furlan after her elimination.

Of her time on the show, Louise says 'I think, more than anything, I was surprised at how emotional I was during the [shooting]. I became so attached to those girls, and felt incredibly responsible when talking to them and critiquing their performances.'

She's also playing mentor for some of the Top 10, explaining 'I have been in touch with the contestants and am determined to do what I can to help them in any way I can. I believe I will be paying to see some of them on stage!'

Louise adds with a laugh, 'Mostly, I miss Lynne [Ryan] from makeup and Chris [Greene] from hair, could they not come and live with me? It's the first time I ever felt I looked good on TV!'

We're fairly sure that's an exaggeration, but then again our judges did look pretty fabulous. Here's wishing them the best with their upcoming projects! Break a leg all!