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Try to Top this Sky-High Pop


Steve Bergen still hasn't been able to convince his wife to go for a ride in his three-wheeled, propeller-powered Cessna, but his daughters are fully confident in his piloting skills. That's why they nominated him for Pop Idol.


We are *so* close to finding Ottawa's most talented father. If you want in on the action, you've only got until Wednesday to enter. Click here to find out how, and what kind of prize your dad could win for you and your family. 


Also in this segment, Robyn and Hallie read some of our other entries. Hear about a dad who learned how to whistle while he was a young shepherd in Italy; a dad who writes and sings songs that can cheer up his daughter - even on her bluest days; and a dad who has the amazing talent of catching grapes in his mouth.

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