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Joel Westheimer discusses parent-teacher interviews

Joel-Westheimer-306-306.jpgMeet the teacher days are here, with mixed response from parents. Our education columnist Joel Westheimer spoke to Robyn about the importance of parent-teacher relationships, and why so many schools are failing:


Celebrating 75 years of Gatineau Park

Think you know a lot about Gatineau Park? Well, on the week of its 75th anniversary we called on an expert to really fill us in. Katharine Fletcher is the author of "Historical Walks: The Gatineau Park Story."



Education columnist Joel Westheimer on new teachers college curriculum

Last week, Ontario's education minister Liz Sandals announced some pretty fundamental changes to the way teachers will be trained in this province, starting in 2015. It might be bad news for the universities' bottom lines, but our education columnist says it's good news for everyone else. Joel Westheimer is a Professor in the Faculty of Education at the University of Ottawa.