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October 2013 Archives

Gatineau residents discuss the municipal election

It's election weekend in Gatineau. Will Marc Bureau take the mayoral reins for a third term? Or will the city's newest political party -- Action Gatineau -- claim victory? Robyn talks to residents across the river before they cast their ballots:


Amanda's music picks are anything but frightful this weekend

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Film festival brings Ugandan coffee farmer and musician to Ottawa

JJ Keki Headshot - High Resolution.jpgJ.J. Keki is a coffee farmer and Grammy nominated musician whose experience in New York on 9/11 inspired him to start a coffee growers' collective that spreads the message of world peace. A documentary based on his work in his home country Uganda will be screeened at the Freethinking Film Festival in Ottawa. Keki, along with the festival's organizer, spoke to Robyn: 


Premier Wynne mulling a made in Ontario pension plan: Benzie

RobBenzie.jpgToronto Star Queen's Park bureau chief Rob Benzie discusses the premier's stance on pension reform: 


Ottawa woman recieves GG award with grandmother by her side

An Ottawa woman recieves the Governor-General's award Tuesday with her 74-year-old grandmother at her side. We heard about both of their struggles for women's rights:


Senate scandal update ahead of Conservative convention

chris_hall[1].jpgCBC Ottawa's national affairs editor Chris Hall spoke to Robyn about the latest on the Senate scandal and what it means for the Conservative convention later this week in Calgary.


Ottawa mother shares story of son's descent into drug abuse

An Ottawa mother said her son's addiction to prescription drugs -- first oxycodone, and now fentanyl -- has her fearing for his life and questioning why it remains so easy to obtain the drugs and yet so hard to get treatment. Robyn spoke to CBC Ottawa reporter Steve Fischer about Mary's story:


Lawyer challenges reforms to the province's animal protection laws

A local lawyer says changes to animal welfare laws have put too much power into the hands of the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. The changes include inspections of zoos and aquariums, and $5.5-million dollars annually to the OSPCA.
Kurtis Andrews has been critical in the past about animal welfare laws and the power of the OSPCA:


Mary Walsh dishes on her new movie The Grand Seduction

walsh_mary256.jpgActor and comedian Mary Walsh dropped by our studio to talk about her new movie, The Grand Seduction, and we couln't resist the opportunity to talk politics with her too:


Condo market improving for buyers: Minto

Too many condos in Ottawa and not enough buyers. But one developer disagrees. We hear from Minto Communities:


Robyn in The 'Hood: We visit Aylmer's own vineyard

It's like a taste of southern France, in Aylmer, Quebec. Robyn visits Quebec's first winery as part of our Robyn in the 'Hood series:


Treasury board president Tony Clement

li-clement-ps-04499522[1].jpgPublic service unions see it as a bombshell but treasury board president Tony Clement says the latest changes to the Labour Relations Act are necessary. He was Robyn's guest on Thursday:


Senate hurting as an institution in eyes of public: prof

Canadians appear disillusioned with the Senate, according to Carleton University public administration professor Rob Shephard:


City hall panel with Alistair Steele and Joanne Chianello

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for aljoanne.jpgIt's that time of year again. And we're not talking Halloween. The city's draft budget is out. Our city hall panel discusses whether it's a trick or a treat:


Amanda's picks for a weekend of fine Ottawa music

Thumbnail image for Amanda.jpgAmanda's live music picks this week include James Keelaghan, Ellie and Louise Macnamara, Lonesome Paul and others:


Senate expense scandal: a senator reacts to Duffy comments

david-smith-senate-060713_lead_media_image_1.jpgThe Senate resumes debate Wednesday on a motion to suspend Senators Patrick Brazeau, Pamela Wallin and Mike Duffy for "gross negligence" in their management of Senate resources. Wallin gets her chance at the pulpit this afternoon, one day after Duffy claimed he's the victim of a coverup orchestrated by the Prime Minister's Office. This morning, Robyn spoke to Liberal Senator David Smith for his reaction to Duffy's comments in the red chamber:


Collective bargaining act gets introduced at Queen's Park

Thumbnail image for benzie.jpgFair collective bargaining. That's what the province's teachers have been calling for. And it appears they're getting their wish. The School Boards Collective Bargaining Act has been introduced. Toronto Star Queen's Park Bureau Chief Rob Benzie explains:


Tom McSorley reviews WikiLeaks flick, The Fifth Estate

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for tom.jpgIt's a pesky little website called WikiLeaks. But is the film based on whistleblower Julian Assange a must-see? Ottawa Morning's film critic Tom McSorley gives his take on The Fifth Estate:


Two political strategists weigh in on latest Senate development

The Senate expense scandal takes another turn as Mike Duffy's lawyer speaks up. We spoke with two political strategists about who they believe:  


Education columnist Joel Westheimer on 'entrepreneurship' classes

Bringing Ontario classrooms into the 21st century. Calls for entrepreneurship programs have our education columnist Joel Westheimer wondering if it's the best way forward.



Teaching children about the lingering effects of residential schools

photo (6).JPGHundreds of school children are getting a chance to learn more about the lingering effects of residential schools with a new exhibition on display in Ottawa. Hallie Cotnam took it all in along with a Grade 7 and 8 class from Henry Larsen Elementary, in Orleans.


Ottawa business leaders seal deals in China

Team Ottawa is back from its trade mission in China. The head of Invest Ottawa, Bruce Lazenby, told Robyn about the deals that went down in Beijing and Shanghai:


Welcome to the Broadcast: Don Newman discusses new book

DonNewman.jpgFor decades, he was a firm fixture on Parliament Hill. One of this country's most well-connected authorities on politics. Don Newman was one of the best known, and longest standing journalists on the federal scene. But in 2009, he retired from CBC News, and now, he is looking back on over 40 years as a reporter in a new memoir:


Robyn In The 'Hood: Barrhaven

 Our first "Robyn in the Hood" broadcasts took us to Barrhaven. We met the people who work and live in Barrhaven and brought you a taste of what life is like there.

Beyond bore-haven:


Bigtime growth has led to crowded schools: 


A look at "Bollywood" Barrhaven:


Breaking down the 'consumers' Throne Speech

It was billed as a "consumers first" Throne Speech. But will it give Canadians better bang for their buck? And how will it work? John Lawford is the executive director and general counsel with the Public Interest Advocacy Centre, a non-profit organization that provides legal and research services on behalf of consumer interests. He broke it all down for Robyn:


Jessa's weekend music picks

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Jessa.jpgSome big names in Canadian music are hitting Ottawa stages this week. Jessa Runciman is here with more on the live shows you may know about, and the ones you will want to:


Local MPs share their wishlist for throne speech

Plenty of speculation on what will be covered in the Throne speech Wednesday afternoon. But what should the federal govenment's priorities be? We hear thoughts from two local MPs:


Ontario Report with Rob Benzie

RobBenzie.jpgThere appears to be another power plant controversy at Queen's Park but this time it's nuclear. Toronto Star Queen's Park bureau chief Rob Benzie explains:


Tom's review: Captain Phillips

Thumbnail image for tom.jpgWhen a U.S. cargo ship is hijacked by Somali pirates, it's sink or swim for Captain Phillips. Tom McSorley reviews the new thriller starring Tom Hanks:


Update: Prudence Debtfree tells us about her journey out of debt

How do you crawl out of debt if you're more than a quarter million dollars in the red? We hear an update from a woman who gave herself that challenge, a year ago:


Speech from the throne expected to have consumer appeal

Prime Minister Harper is expected to throw a bone to consumers in his speech from the throne on Wednesday. CBC Parliament Hill reporter Susan Lunn explains: 


New GCTC play something to fancy

majaardal.jpeg.size.xxlarge.letterbox[1].jpgMeet Maja Ardal, the force of nature behind the one-woman show that starts Tuesday night at the GCTC:


Ontario's public lands at risk

imagesCA5TVHMN.jpgOntario's environmental commissioner says the province's environmental protections are wasting away -- and that the government is deliberately making it happen. Gord Miller outlines the concerns published in his latest annual report.


Doing business in the east...and we don't mean Orleans

beijing_1592394c.jpgMayor Jim Watson will be in China this weekend to drum up tourism and business opportunities for the city -- and Robyn meets two people he'll be taking with him. Alex Berlin is the head of Afore Solutions, which specializes in software security products. Geoff Best is with the Ottawa Carleton District School Board's international students program.


Amanda's live music listings

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Amanda.jpgWhether you're coming home for the weekend or staying home...there is a bounty of concert offerings to be thankful for. Amanda Putz plays some of her music picks for this Thanksgiving weekend.


Municipal Panel: Laying tracks for Ottawa's transit future

ot-o-train.jpgMayor Jim Watson has revealed the details of Ottawa's Master Transportation Plan -- a blueprint for how people will get around the city in the next twenty years. Expanding light rail is its focal point, with nineteen new stations in the east, west and south ends of the city. Joanne Chianello and Alistair Steele join Robyn to talk specifics.


A film that's making a splash

tom.jpgWater: it's the stuff of life. It's also the star of a new documentary made by Jennifer Baichwal and Edward Burtynsky, about the extent to which humanity has shaped water -- and how it in turn has shaped us. Tom McSorley joins Robyn to give his review of "Watermark."


Ontario Report: New gas plant numbers...

benzie.jpgYesterday, Ontario's auditor general revealed the government will have spent up to a billion dollars to cancel two gas-fired power plants. Rob Benzie tells Robyn what kind of threat this new figure poses to the Liberals ahead of an expected 2014 election.


Igniting the spark

sportsteens.jpgA growing number of local schools are buying into a program called, "Igniting the Spark." It's all about getting the heart rate up and the blood pumping, in hopes of boosting academic performance. Hallie Cotnam talked to teachers, administrators, and students -- and joins Robyn to share their take.


Nighttime tips from a dream expert

sleeping.jpgJoseph De Koninck has made a career out of studying people's dreams -- specifically, nightmares and how to treat them. This past weekend, he received the Canadian Sleep Society's Distinguished Scientist Award. He joins Robyn to shed some light on shut-eye.


Why do leaves change colour?

li-fallcolours-01338316.jpgGreen, rust, gold and red. October is when leaves change color. But why does it happen? We hear some guesses from grade three and four students -- and then call in Louis-Réné Sénéchal, NCC spokesperson for Gatineau Park, for the final word.

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Former ambassador on Egyptian diplomacy

hi-loubani-greyson-852.jpgWhat led to the release of John Greyson and Tarek Loubani from detention in Egypt? Canada's former ambassador to Egypt, Ferry De Kerckhove, explains to Robyn how important diplomacy is in these cases.


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Meet the man who wants you to slow down

Honore.jpg"We used to dial. Now we speed dial. We used to read. Now we speed read. We used to date. Now we speed date." Carl Honoré believes people today are addicted to speed. And he's a big advocate for people to join the Slow Movement. He first published the book In Praise of Slow in 2004. Hear his advice for putting on the brakes.




If you think cardboard is boring, listen up.

cardboard.JPGThe students at W.O. Mitchell Elementary School think cardboard is anything but boring. They've spent the past three weeks making corrugated masterpieces. It was inspired by 9-year-old Caine Monroy, who became an Internet sensation for his cardboard arcade. Hallie Cotnam had the students at W.O. Mitchell show off their low-tech inventions.





Why are there so few women in the Supreme Court?

Supreme Court.jpg

Justice Marc Nadon is the prime minister's choice for the next appointee to the high court. His appointment means six of Canada's top judges are men. Only three are women. Robyn speaks with two people who've been tracking the gender balance on the Supreme Court.







Beer, Basia and Head-Boppin' Music

Amanda.jpgThat's just some of what people can expect from Ottawa's music scene this weekend. First, Beau's Brewery is serving up beer and music for Oktoberfest. Sloan is the headliner. And f you want to stay in the city, Basia Bulat performs at the National Arts Centre on Saturday. And if that doesn't suit you, our music columnst Amanda Putz has other picks to tickle your musical taste buds.








Thursday, October 3

High Waters/Eraserheads/Rock Forest

     at Mercury Lounge PUTZ'S PICK

 Jadea Kelly/Lindsay Ferguson

     at The Black Sheep Inn (Wakefield, QB)

 Chic Gamine/The Claytones

     at The Shenkman Arts Centre PUTZ'S PICK

 Robert Farrell Band/River City Junction/The Amazing Sammy

     at Avante Garde Bar

 David Francey

     at Neat Cafe (Burnstown, ON)


Friday, October 4

The Bible All-Stars/The Wild Vines/The Bushpilots

     at The Rainbow Bistro

Not Really/Prosimii

     at Avante Garde Bar

Miss Polygamy/Garden of Weeds

     at Irene's Pub

Julian Taylor Band

     at Elmdale Oyster House Tavern

Claude Munson

     at The Branch (Kemptville, ON)

Kathleen Edwards/The Sadies/Young Rival/The Balconies

     at Beau's Brewery (VanKleek Hill, ON) PUTZ'S PICK

The Strumbellas/The Strain/Matt Dorgan Project 

     at The Black Sheep Inn (Wakefield, QB)

The Chris Culgin Band

     at Kaffe 1870 (Wakefield, QB)


Saturday, October 5

Basia Bulat/Evening Hymns

     at National Arts Centre PUTZ'S PICK

Shakedown Combo/Christian D and the Hangovers/Ninety Pound of Ugly

     at Irene's Pub

The Lionyls/Around Joshua

     at Avante Garde Bar

Sloan/Rich Aucoin/The Mahones

     at Beau's Brewery (VanKleek Hill, ON) PUTZ'S PICK

Walter Ostanek/Maple Leaf-Almrausch Schuhplattlers

     at Beau's Brewery (VanKleek Hill, ON)

Crown Vic/Thread

     at Zaphod Beeblebrox

The Wicked Mercy/Wicked Grin

     at The Rainbow

Craig Cardiff

     at The Black Sheep Inn (Wakefield, QB)

Grouyan Gombo

     at Kaffe 1870, (Wakefield, QB)


Sunday, October 6

Craig Cardiff

    at The Black Sheep Inn (Wakefield, QB)

Horizons, Sirens and Sailors/Us From Outside/Of Reverie/Of Burning Empires/Terra Firma

     at Mavericks

James Bartleman/Ian Tamblyn

    at Studio Theatre (Perth, ON)


Wednesday, October 9

Les Soeurs Boulay

     at NAC Fourth Stage

Doc McLean/Al Lerman

     at Irene's Pub

Getting primed for the Gatineau Election

bureau.jpgThe signs are up. The platforms are out. Gatineau mayor Marc Bureau is the latest politician to launch an election campaign. But this time he faces some stiff competition. We hear what to expect from the race.






A bus driver reflects on the Barrhaven crash

The funeral for Dave Woodard, the driver of the double decker that crashed into a VIA passenger train two weeks ago, was held today. He was the last victim of the crash to be buried. Six people in total died in the collision. An OC Transpo bus driver joins Robyn to talk about how bus drivers have been reacting to the collision and Dave Woodard's death.


Tom's Review: Salinger


A recluse. A mystery. And now, the subject of a new documentary. Author J.D. Salinger is at the centre of a new film that includes interviews with Salinger's friends, colleagues and members of his inner circle. Tom McSorley shared his thoughts on the documentary Salinger with Robyn this morning.



The Anti-Bullying App

The Ottawa Catholic School Board has come up with a new way for students to report bullies -- from their smartphones. The app allows them to report anonymous "tips" that are then shared with school staff. This morning, Robyn spoke with a psychologist about the usefulness of such an app.


Bring the Tiger Down from the Mountain

AlexinaLouie.gifThat's the name of a musical piece by Canadian composer Alexina Louie. Her work will be played during the National Arts Centre Orchestra's tour of China. And Alexina will be touring with the musicians for the first leg of their trip. Hear her explain why some of her compositions are so tough for musicians to perform.