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Canada geese don't leave without a fight...

hi-ott-cp3401472-852.jpgThere may be less geese on the beach at Petrie Island thanks to the city's 'goose buster' - but that doesn't mean they haven't just flocked further downstream. So what is a permanent solution to the goose poop problem? Hallie checks in with the CBC's Jeanne Armstrong, who's at the Mooney's Bay beach to find out.

Sport and local culture

992878_10151545605948212_2044363380_n.jpgWe hear a lot about what professional sports mean to this city -- but what about the houseleague players on your neighbourhood soccer field? Dan Dubeau manages the Community Cup soccer tournament through the Catholic Centre for Immigrants, and Lauren Hart is a roller derby player in the Rideau Valley Roller Girls league. They join Hallie to kick off a discussion about the value of community sport.

Ottawan donates his fortune to English town

When Ottawa banker Keith Owen died, he decided to leave his fortune to a seaside town in England. All 2.3 million British pounds of it. And it included the off-hand suggestion that the town 'plant a million bulbs.' So this fall, much of the town's population of fourteen thousand will be planting more than 10 tonnes of flower bulbs. Guest host Hallie Cotnam speaks the town councillor who will be leading the effort.


It's a long weekend! So which shows to see?

newputz2.jpgBandwidth host -- and our music columnist -- Amanda Putz has tons of suggestions for those who are looking to inject a little live music into their weekend. 

Here's Amanda's listings for this weekend:





  • Tsu @ Kaffe 1870
  • The House of Haunt + Pretty Little Death Machine + The Mere Humans @ Zaphod's
  • Dayglo Abortions + RawRaw Riot + Last Of The V8 Interceptors + War Fair @ Mavericks



  • Petunia @ Kaffe 1870
  • Miss Polygamy s/g Hungry Animals + Zoo Legacy @ Black Sheep Inn
  • Los Gringos @ Irene's Pub
  • Mehdi Cayenne Club @ Raw Sugar Cafe
  • Chocolate Hot Pockets + The Flaps @ Rainbow Bistro
  • Dynamite Motel + Olivier Doyon + Tariq Anwar @ Avanate Garde Bar



  • John Carroll & the Cover-Ups @ Atomic Rooster
  • Sade Slavey + Projekt F + No Place For Heroes @ Avante Garde Bar
  • The Weber Brothers s/g Bearshark @ Black Sheep Inn
  • Irene Torres and the Sugar Devils @ Irene's Pub
  • Destiny (new/old Hammerheads) @ Rainbow Bistro
  • *Mara and the Marigold + The Noisy Locomotive + Ptarmigan @ Zaphod's
  • *Rhyme Time w/ Sumo + Shaun "Sully" Sullivan + DMP + Eddie Quotez + Alex Silas @ Mercury Lounge



  • Fordamage + Florian Mona @ Avante Garde Bar

Expanding the use of stun guns by police

The Ontario government has loosened its rules on the use of stun guns -- saying it'll make communities safer by reducing injuries and death in high-risk confrontations. But defense lawyer James Foord makes the case for why having front-line officers carry Tasers might not actually make situations safer.



Meet a woman who was in D.C. for this speech


Martin Luther King delievered his famous "I Have a Dream" speech fifty years ago from the Lincoln Memorial. And Carol Steinberg was there. Steinberg now lives in Ottawa...but in the 1960s, she was living in the Bronx in New York City, working as a tutor. The CBC's Jeanne Armstrong spoke with Carol Steinberg about her memories of this day.




Film review: In A World...


In a world of faceless and nameless voice-over actors, one movie tells the story of those who supply the voice-of-God to our movie trailers. And one film critic gives us his take on that film. This is....Tom McSorley'



Ontario government rejects Ottawa's two-casino pitch

Ottawa is to be a one-casino town. Mayor Jim Watson heard from the Ontario finance minister...the Ontario government support only one casino in the capital. In turn, councillors voted ten-to-one in support of a Rideau Carleton Raceway location. City affairs columnist Joanne Chianello was at city hall for the vote. She gives guest host Hallie Cotnam her take on what all this means for the city.


What it takes to own an NHL hockey team

Ottawa Senators owner Eugene Melnyk saw his dreams of a casino at the Canadian Tire Centre crumble with council's decision to favour the Rideau Carleton Raceway as the site for new gaming tables. Melnyk has said that without extra revenue, the future of the hockey team could be affected. So is hockey in trouble in Ottawa? Guest host Hallie Cotnam speaks with Norm O'Reilly -- who specializes in sports and business at the University of Ottawa.


Should cell phones be banned from all schools?

cellphone.jpgLast week, Ontario elementary teachers passed a motion to have students turn off and put away cell phones while in school. Ultimately, it is up to school boards to decide how to handle cell phones in school. But the motion has re-ignited the debate about whether a ban is needed. Our education columnist Joel Westheimer weighs in.





A century of drama at the Ottawa Little Theatre

OLT.jpgThis morning, veteran Ottawa Little Theatre actors Jane Morris and Bob Hicks came in to talk about the theatre's 100th anniversary. (This is a picture of Jane and Bob from their production of Mr. Pim Passes By.)

Hear Jane and Bob explain to guest host Hallie Cotnam what life is like behind the scenes at the theatre, and what they think makes the theatre thrive.






Paul Heinbecker weighs in on the trouble in Syria

The stories are horrifying. The images, shocking. So when should the international community step into Syria? We hear from Paul Heinbecker, a former ambassador to the Unite Nations, on why he thinks countries aren't acting:


Being gay and Christian

Jenna Tenn-Yuk spoke to Robyn about the difficulty of being both Christian and gay, and how she came to terms with it:


A summer camp that teaches kids about peace in the Middle East

This morning we learned about a summer camp where the emphasis isn't on music or sports, but on finding peace in the Middle East:


Weekend music picks

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Jessa.jpgJessa Runciman drops by with her picks for a weekend of concert going:


Singing a possible treatment for snoring? Yup

It's a nightly nuisance for some but for others it's a sign of serious health issues. But what if there was a simple exercise to fix snoring? One recent study out of the United Kingdom suggests vocal workouts can help. And it's not the only suggestion for those who are trying to reduce snoring. Dr. Elliott Lee is a sleep specialist at the Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre.
He spoke to Robyn on Wednesday's show:


Ontario Report with Rob Benzie

RobBenzie.jpgWill 2013 see a repeat of the teacher unrest in Ontario? We ask Toronto Star Queen's Park bureau chief Rob Benzie:


Tom McSorley reviews latest offering from Woody Allen

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Tom_McSorley4_534_800_90[1].jpgOttawa Morning film critic Tom McSorley reviews Woody Allen's Blue Jasmine and discusses the Oscar buzz for its star, Cate Blanchett:


Special Guest: Premier Kathleen Wynne

The premier was Robyn's guest this morning, answering questions about her new Investment Ready program as well as other issues affecting the province:


Elizabeth Thompson drops by with Ottawa Report

Elizabeth Thompson.jpgParliament to prorogue and a tour of the North. Elizabeth Thompson of iPolitics talks to Robyn about the latest in federal politics: 


Marking World Humanitarian Day

They risk their lives to help others in conflict situations around the world. We hear about the challenges facing humanitarian aid workers from Jessie Thomson. She's the director of the Humanitarian Assistance and Emergency Team at CARE Canada. Thomson has worked in some of the most dangerous countries on the planet.


Navigating new multi-lane roundabouts in Ottawa

It's like a regular roundabout - but double the trouble. Our Jaimie Kehler went to  Barrhaven's first multi-lane roundabout to find out how residents are faring inside the circle:


Truth and reconciliation commission under the gun

Back in January, an Ontario court ordered the Canadian government to turn over archival documents about residential schools. They were supposed to go to the Truth and Reconcilation Commission. But the documents have been arriving in a trickle and the commission says that's a problem, because time is running out. The mandate of the commission expires on July 1st, 2014. So, rather than wait for the government to hand-over the documents, a team from the commission has started digging through national archives itself. Kimberly Murray is executive director of the commission and she spoke to Robyn:


Studio 12 guest: Meredith Luce

A horse riding accident put her out of commission for months but singer-songwriter Meredith Luce is picking her music career back up. She performed for us live in Studio 12:


Former Ottawa woman reports on the situation in Egypt

We had extensive coverage of the situation in Egypt from a former Canadian ambassador to the country and an Ottawa woman who now calls Cairo home: 


Our weekend music picks with Jessa Runciman

Jessa Runciman steps in for music columnist Amanda Putz this week:


Ontario Report with Rob Benzie

Thumbnail image for RobBenzie.jpgToronto Star Queen's Park bureau chief Rob Benzie drops by to discuss the latest in provincial politics:


Tom McSorley reviews "Hannah Arendt"

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Tom_McSorley4_534_800_90[1].jpg"Hannah Arendt" looks at one of the last century's most divisive and controversial intellectuals:


Senate scandal latest: Wallin expenses remain under scrutiny

What's next for Senator Pamela Wallin as an audit of her Senate expense claims gets revealed? We speak to two Hill strategists and CBC Parliament Hill reporter Hannah Thibedeau:


Meet Rabbi Liz

She once sang for Prince Charles and Princess Diana. Now, Elizabeth Bolton is Ottawa's first female rabbi:


Senate expense scandal: Wallin repayment could be six-digit figure

CBC parliament hill reporter Hannah Thibedeau discussed the latest development in the Senate expense scandal with Robyn:


Dr. Yoni Freedhoff laments too much junk food at daughter's summer camp

Thumbnail image for Yoni.jpgOur Reality Bites columnist Dr. Yoni Freedhoff drops by to talk about all the junk food kids are being fed at summer camps these days:


Ottawa mom and daughter discuss ups and downs of adopting an older child

They're the foster kids that are difficult to place. They've hopped from home to home, sometimes to different cities along the way. They're also older. 
That topic is on the agenda at the North American Adoption Conference kicking off today in Toronto. We spoke to Ottawa residents Laura Eggertson, who is the president of the Adoption Council of Canada, and her daughter Miranda Eggertson. They're attending the conference and spoke to us from out Toronto studios:


Jessa's weekend music picks

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Jessa.jpgJessa Runciman is in for Amanda Putz and brings us her best bets for live music in the capital this weekend:


Ontario Report with Rob Ferguson

The latest on happenings at Queen's Park this week with Toronto Star reporter Rob Ferguson:


Tom McSorley reviews Twenty Feet From Stardom

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Tom_McSorley4_534_800_90[1].jpgTom reviews a documentary that shines a light on the role of the backup singer:


Father and former police officer remember Ardeth Wood, 10 years after her death

It was a killing that gripped the city exactly 10 years ago. Twenty-seven-year-old Ardeth Wood went for a bike ride on an east-end bike path and never came home. Her body was later found in a nearby creek. It took five years for her killer, Chris Meyers, to plead guilty to forcibly drowning her. This morning we heard from Brenden Wood, Ardeth's father. And we also spoke to former Ottawa police staff sergeant Randy Wisker about the impact the investigation had on him and the police force.


Constance Bay woman ordered to give up backyard chickens

Erika Tar has been raising a handful of hens at her home in Constance Bay for the past three years. Recently, city officials told her the birds will have to go -- by this Friday. Now Erika Tar is trying to get the by-law changed.


Ottawa-born composer returns for Chamberfest performance

Ottawa-born composer Matthew Whittall returns from Finland for a performance at Chamberfest:


Sunset for The Spectrum

After nearly thirty years of 'making Canadians visible', The Spectrum newspaper has published its last issue. Ewart Walters, the editor of the black community paper, shares some memories with Hallie Cotnam. 

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The Weekender: Highland Games

From piping to dancing to fiddling, many people will let their Scottish side shine this weekend at the Glengarry Highland Games. Our Weekender, Denise Fung, put on her figurative kilt and got a primer on the event -- then told Hallie Cotnam what she learned.

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War Amps help triple amputee


Hallie speaks to the War Amps about the help they're giving Christine Caron, the Ottawa woman who underwent a triple amputation after an infected dog bite sent her into septic shock.


christine caron.jpg



Goodbye New Dubrovnik

For over three decades people have been filling up on Croatian fare at the New Dubrovnik on Carling. The restaurant closes its doors this month. We bring you sounds from a last supper held for long-time patrons.


Anna Bota.JPG