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June 2013 Archives

Trouble in the pumpkin patch

si-ott-farm-flood[1].jpgSaunders Farm in Munster is at risk of losing four hectares of pumpkins due to a half-hour downpour earlier this week. Visitors to the popular farm are accustomed to seeing lots of pumpkins of all sizes, but now many of the plants that grow those pumpkins are underwater.

Mark Saunders was guest on Ottawa Morning. He says he's never seen his fields like this.


Dalton McGuinty: Bound for Harvard

RobBenzie.jpgFormer Premier Dalton McGuinty is heading to Cambridge, Mass. to join the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs at Harvard University. Robyn spoke to the reporter who broke the story, Toronto Star Queen's Park bureau chief Rob Benzie:  


The Ottawa Morning Municipal Panel

Thumbnail image for aljoanne.jpgCity hall slides into summer mode, but not before flip-flopping on another high-rise proposal. Our municipal panel is in with more on the city's changing approach to community design plans.


Amanda returns with her weekend music picks

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for amandaputz3.jpgWhether you want to disco or sit at the bar wallowing in your whiskey, our music columnist Amanda Putz is back with all the picks fit to play.


An Ottawa Morning Debate: Should interns be paid?

The idea of paying interns for their work has been getting a lot of attention in the headlines. We asked two Ottawa-area employers to debate the pros and cons:


Tom McSorley reviews Frances Ha

Tom_McSorley4_534_800_90[1].jpgOttawa Morning film critic Tom McSorley discusses Frances Ha, the latest from writer director Noah Baumbach:


Tracking Alberta flood-relief efforts from Ottawa

The Canadian Red Cross has become the national hub for Alberta flood relief: This mornning, Robyn spoke with the Louise Geoffrion, the deputy director of disaster management for the Canadian Red Cross in Ottawa. 


Remembering a century-old Ottawa tragedy

mi-ott-train-river-300.jpgRobyn spoke to CBC Ottawa's Alistair Steele about the deadliest train wreck in Ottawa history. which happened 100 years ago today.


Cop crunch: small towns in the Ottawa Valley are dealing with ballooning police costs

With Ontario Provincial Police officers on the verge of a big pay hike, people in small town Ontario are cringing at the cost of policing. CBC Ottawa's Susan Burgess went to Hawkesbury, where spending on police has shot up to more than 40 per cent of the town's tax levy.


Reality Bites: Treating obesity as a disease

Our Reality Bites columnist Dr. Yoni Freedhoff explains why a recent decision in the United States, to label obesity as a disease, is a good idea.


Dr. John wows the crowd at the Ottawa Jazz Festival

dr_john[1].jpgDr. John's music is described as a "blend of voodoo mysticism, funk, rhythm and blues, psychedelic rock and Creole roots." He's one of the most famous sons of New Orleans. And last night, he opened the Ottawa Jazz Festival. Robyn caught up with him before the show.


Jenna Glatt comes home for the Ottawa Jazz Festival

Thumbnail image for JennaGlatt.JPGJenna Glatt is just 21. But she's already a veteran at the Ottawa Jazz Festival. She first performed at the festival at age 12, and has performed there, along with other jazz festivals across Canada, almost every year since. She's back in Ottawa for a performance today and spoke to Robyn:


The municipal panel goes to the birds

CBC Ottawa's Alistair Steele and the Ottawa Citizen's Joanne Chianello discuss the big flap caused by some small birds at city hall this week:


Jessa Runciman has some explosive weekend music picks

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Jessa.jpgJessa Runciman is sitting in for Ottawa Morning music columnist Amanda Putz. Here's her chat with Robyn:


TD Ottawa Jazz Festival Ticket Giveaway


We're giving away a pair of day passes to the TD Ottawa Jazz Festival from June 20 through to June 26. Listen to Ottawa Morning weekdays between 5:30 - 8:30 to hear our daily jazz trivia question and email with your answer. Every day we will draw a name from all the correct entries to select a winner.

Good luck! Click for contest rules and regulations.

Don't forget to check out our TD Ottawa Jazz feature page for all the latest coverage from the festival.

Ottawa police civilian employee awarded for bravery

braverypic.JPGMeet Stefan McClelland. The civilian employee with the Ottawa police earned a certificate of valour for rescuing a float-plane pilot who crased into the Ottawa River.



Ontario Report: The week in provincial politics with Rob Benzie

Robyn discusses the latest happenings at Queen's Park with the Toronto Star's Rob Benzie:


Ottawa Report: Winding things down on Parliament Hill

chris_hall[1].jpgAn eventful session of parliament in Ottawa comes to an end this week. Our national affairs editor, Chris Hall, breaks it down for us:


Exploring the National Gallery's Sakahàn exhibit

A new initiative at the National Gallery of Canada aims to bring indigenous people to the art that tells their story. Robyn got a tour of the Sakahàn exhibit, and learned about the special tours that have been set up for First Nations youth.


MDs protest refugee health policies

It has been almost a year since doctors came out in force on Parliament Hill protest changes to healthcare for refugees. Last June the immigration minister, Jason Kenney, told Ottawa Morning it was only fair that refugees get the same treatment as low-income Canadians, who have to pay for supplementary benefits like medications, dentistry and eye care. Today, the doctors are marching again, in 17 cities across the country, asking the minister to reconsider.
Dr Alison Eyre is a family physician at Centretown Community Health Centre. She spoke to Robyn about her reasons for joining the protest.


Breaking down the must-see artists at this year's Ottawa Jazz Festival

The TD Ottawa Jazz Festival kicks off this week, and there are some amazing acts to see and hear. Festival programmer Petr Cancura spoke to Robyn dropped by the studio:


CBC producer discusses life on the Hutt trial jury

One week after the verdict, CBC Ottawa's Karen Soloman discusses being a juror in the first-degree murder trial of Mark Hutt. 


Water-skiing dad wins our first ever Pop Idol contest




It was a Father's Day Face-off. We assembled the finalists in our Pop idol contest for a secret skill showdown and the winner was Blair Menna. His kids Nicole and Erik nominated him for his ability to water ski on anything, including guitars, recycling bins, signs and computers.



Turkish Canadian Ayse Heinbecker reflects on her troubled home country

The Turkish Prime Minister says protestors are harming his country's image. Recep Tayip Erdogan says there will be no tolerance for those he accuses of seeking to harm Turkey. The unrest began on May 28, as a protest to stop the demolition and redevelopment of one of Istanbul's central green spaces - Gezi Park. It's located in the heart of Taksim Square. This week, the images from there show police cracking down on protestors using tear gas, water cannons and rubber bullets. That's not how Ayse Heinbecker remembers Taksim Square. She grew up in Turkey and told Robyn how she felt about what's happening there.


Jessa's Father's Day music picks

Thumbnail image for Jessa.jpgJessa Runciman steps in for music columnist Amanda Putz this week and she has your Father's Day weekend covered:


The Amazing Grape Catcher

Tyler nominated his dad a few days ago. Here's what he said:


"My dad is really talented. He can catch a grape in his mouth from far away. You can stand at one end of the yard and throw it to him and he will catch it in his mouth. It is really awesome to watch. He also makes a great grill cheese sandwich."


Okay. So we believe you now about the grapes. Now what about those grilled cheese sandwiches...?



Medieval Sword Fighting Dad

You might have heard Beatrix nominating her dad for Pop Idol today on Ottawa Morning. Here's a sample of how this pop wields his medieval sword... in a historically accurate fashion.



This Dad's talent? Teaching kids how to yell "CARR!"


According to 11-year-old Mael, his dad Romeo has lots of special talents. But his greatest talent of all is organizing street hockey games for all of the kids on their street. It's so much fun that Romeo managed to get a group of kids out playing at 8 a.m. on Tuesday morning when Hallie stopped by for a visit.




Dalton McGuinty stepping down as Ottawa South MPP

RobBenzie.jpgDalton McGuinty made it official with a written statement Wednesday morning. After 23 years in public office, including 10 years as premier, Dalton McGuinty announced he will step down as the member of provincial parliament for Ottawa South. Robyn spoke to the Toronto Star's Rob Benzie, as well as Ottawa Centre Liberal MPP Yasir Naqvi, about the news:


Tom McSorley reviews "Love, Marilyn"

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Tom_McSorley4_534_800_90[1].jpg"Love, Marilyn" is based on recently discovered journals and diaries, kept by the late actress Marilyn Munroe. Ottawa Morning film critic Tom McSorley spoke to Robyn about the film which opens Friday at the Bytowne:


Another star studded Folkfest lineup announced for 2013

Ottawa-Folk-Festival[1].jpgOttawa Folk Festival organizer Mark Monahan was Robyn's guest to discuss the eclectic lineup for this September's event which includes Neil Young and Crazy Horse, The Avett Brothers and Vampire Weekend.


PSAC responds to changes in banked sick days policy

The federal government says it plans to get rid of banked sick days. But unions are saying not so fast. Public Service Alliance of Canada national president Robyn Benson came on the show to present the point-of-view of the largest public-sector union in the country.


Try to Top this Sky-High Pop


Steve Bergen still hasn't been able to convince his wife to go for a ride in his three-wheeled, propeller-powered Cessna, but his daughters are fully confident in his piloting skills. That's why they nominated him for Pop Idol.


We are *so* close to finding Ottawa's most talented father. If you want in on the action, you've only got until Wednesday to enter. Click here to find out how, and what kind of prize your dad could win for you and your family. 


Also in this segment, Robyn and Hallie read some of our other entries. Hear about a dad who learned how to whistle while he was a young shepherd in Italy; a dad who writes and sings songs that can cheer up his daughter - even on her bluest days; and a dad who has the amazing talent of catching grapes in his mouth.


Education columnist Joel Westheimer on new teachers college curriculum

Last week, Ontario's education minister Liz Sandals announced some pretty fundamental changes to the way teachers will be trained in this province, starting in 2015. It might be bad news for the universities' bottom lines, but our education columnist says it's good news for everyone else. Joel Westheimer is a Professor in the Faculty of Education at the University of Ottawa.


Brimful of Asha on the stage

Arranging a marriage on the stage. Robyn met the mother-son team behind the play A Brimful of Asha. They took their own family dispute about who decides who we marry and turned it into theatre.


Conservatives react to MP Brent Rathgeber quitting

Alberta MP Brent Rathgeber says he's frustrated with the government's "lack of commitment to transparency and open government." Two Conservatives -- strategist Tim Powers and former federal minister Stockwell Day -- react to Brent Rathgeber's decision to quit the caucus.


Tribute to a lyricist, almost 100 years after his death

cecil.JPGThis is the grave site for Sir Cecil Arthur Spring-Rice -- a British diplomat who's buried at Beechwood Cemetery. And standing beside him is Ashley Prime, the man who made it his mission to have Sir Cecil recognized for a little-known deed: Sir Cecil wrote the words to one of Britain's most famous and patriotic hymns: I Vow Thee To My Country. The hymn has been performed at royal weddings and state funerals. And Ashley Prime -- Britain's Deputy Consul General to Canada -- tells Robyn why he wanted to put together a tribute to Sir Cecil.


Pop Idol: This dad builds Robots!

Eggbot Dad_rev.jpg

Corina Peres loves her geeky dad, Pedro. They are standing here with a computer numerically-controlled cutting machine (or CNC machine) that Pedro designed and built. Click here to hear more:


Pop Idol: Booty Shake

Things are heating up in the Pop Idol contest! This video was sent to us yesterday by Danielle on behalf of her 8-month-old daughter Noel. 

Why on earth would you want to keep this talent a secret?!

Municipal Panel: Why a new casino site?

casino2.jpgWhy is Ottawa mayor Jim Watson now saying he will support a new casino only if it can be built at Rideau Carleton Raceway? CBC reporter Alistair Steele and Ottawa Citizen columnist Joanne Chianello explain what they think is behind the mayor's new stipulation for expanding gambling in Ottawa.



A review of the Mark Hutt trial

Trial.jpgIt's a disturbing case of severe domestic abuse, resulting in death. Mark Hutt is accused of burning his wife Donna Jones, and leaving her to die from her injuries. As the jury begins deliberations, we speak with CBC reporter Judy Trinh -- who's been in the courtroom following the case for the past month.





Our top picks for music this weekend

Jessa.jpgPerfect for a greyish weekend...This weekend's live shows include a songstress whose music takes us to the beach...and a a band that will bring a little sun to your life. Music columnist Jessa Runciman gives us a run down of everything you need to catch.









Pop Idol: Alistair's daughters spills on his hidden talent

popidolbutton_MOVEABLETYPE.jpgWe always knew Alistair Steele had nice pipes. Turns out, that holds true for more than just his news reading voice. This morning, Alistair's daughter Isobel provided a very in depth look into her father's myriad of secret talents. Funny enough, his most secret hidden talent of all is pretty hard to keep quiet...


Worries over the safety of federal buildings

steamplant.jpgFour years ago, a boiler exploded at a steam plant near the Supreme Court. One man died. Two others were injured. And a Government of Canada department pleaded guilty to three charges. Palmerino Derosa says he wasn't surprised by the explosion. He used to work for Public Works, as a plumber. And he says he witnessed many unsafe practises during his time as a federal government employee. He told the CBC's Julie Ireton his story.









Rob Benzie reports on snags with new casinos

Thumbnail image for RobBenzie.jpgFirst Toronto said it didn't want a downtown casino. Now Ottawa has put conditions on where a new gaming facility can be built as well. So what does this mean for attempts to expand gambling in the province? Rob Benzie, from The Toronto Star, briefed Robyn on what impact these decisions will have on Ontario.



Mayor changes his mind on casino location

casino.jpgJim Watson had at one time wanted a casino built in downtown Ottawa. But now he wants the new gambling facility at the Rideau Carleton Raceway. And he says if the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation doesn't agree, the deal is dead. Robyn Bresnahan asks Mayor Watson why he's changed his thinking on the casino location.


The little road that's stirring up big emotions

gamelin.jpgThe National Capital Commission is closing a five hundred meter stretch of rue Gamelin in Gatineau. It wants to return the area to its natural state -- to protect habitats in Gatineau Park. Hallie Cotnam went out to rue Gamelin, as construction crews were tearing up the asphalt. Hear from both the residents, and the National Capital Commission.


Cutting slackers out of the public service

TonyClement.jpgTreasury Board president Tony Clement announced new measures to weed the under-performers out of the public service. Two former public servants share their thoughts on this with Robyn.


Mike Hornbrook Hangs Up the Headphones

Hornbrook.jpgThe invasion of Iraq, the wars in Chechnya, the trial of Conrad Black...Mike Hornbrook covered all these stories. Mike was the CBC's foreign correspondent in Russia and the Middle East for a decade. Most recently he was the CBC's economics reporter. Mike has just retired from the CBC and today, the Renfrew, Ontario native shared his favourite stories from his years as a radio reporter.