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Finalists for the Biggest Sens Fan

We asked you to tell us why you're the loudest and proudest Sens fan out there. The prize for the super fan? A Sens jersey, signed by Erik Karlsson. After sifting through all of the entries, these two came out on top:

Finalist #1: EMILY CLARK - Nominated by her mom:

"A couple of years ago when it was time to paint Emily's room, this is what she wanted to do. So we did the room in the Sens colours, and then she did the decorating. There is a signed Jason Spezza shirt framed on the wall and a Karlsson one would make a lovely set of book ends."


Finalist #2: JOSHUA LEVIN - Who argues he is the biggest Sens fan because of his Sens spirit:

"As you may know, if the Sens score in the last minute of the third period, each Sens ticket is valid for one free Big Mac at McDonald's. After the first time this happened in the playoffs, my friends and I combined all of our tickets and ordered ourselves a few Big Macs at the local McDonald's. After realizing we had a couple too many, we walked down Bronson Avenue and gave the extras to two homeless people I drive by nearly everyday on my way to work. This is where an idea began to bloom.

Alfredsson, with 29 seconds left in Game 3 against Pittsburgh, scored an unbelievable goal against the Penguins to tie the game. I was thrilled! I called my friends and said "Let's buy some more Big Macs, but this time, let's do it a little differently."

Over the course of the morning, we called everyone we knew who went to the game and gathered together their tickets. We got the burgers, and then made our way to the Byward Market where we handed out the food to the homeless. We even picked up tickets on the way, as people who heard our story were eager to help. Not only were we feeding the hungry, we were spreading Sens cheer. In fact, we even converted a Blackhawks fan."

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