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Calling all Dads!


It's your time to shine, Ottawa Dads! Stop hiding your true selves behind that long list of household chores. It's time to step out from behind the shadow of those limelight-stealing children you've worked so hard to raise. 

Ottawa Morning wants to feature the amazing talents of our city's fathers. We'll spend the weeks leading up to Fathers Days showcasing them on the show.

Then! On Friday, June 14, we'll invite three finalists into the studio.

The Awesome Prize:

The lucky winner will 
receive a one-week stay at the eco-friendly luxury cottage club, Whitewater Village (valued at $2500). The winner and winner's family (up to 8 people) will stay in a fully appointed log cabin at the resort, with full access to cottage club amenities. Prize 
compliments of Windmill Developments.

How to enter:

Send an email to describing your talent. Kids - we highly encourage you to nominate your fathers. Sending a video or picture isn't necessary - but feel free to send one along. Do whatever it takes to impress us!

The Fine Print:

For a full list of contest rules and regulations, click here: Official Rules and Regulations

Stay in the Loop!:

For regular contest updates, follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

Tensions mount in Syria

The conflict in Syria has reached a new level, with Russia and the European Union sending weapons to each side. Carleton University middle east specialist Elliot Tepper explains what this arms race could mean for the army, the rebels, and the region.


Climbing in his ancetor's footsteps

Dan Hopkins is more used to scaling scaffolding than mountains peaks. But the Ottawa contractor is getting ready for the climb of his life. Next week, Dan will be standing on a glacier at the base of Denali, in Alaska -- North America's highest mountain. A hundred years to the day that Dan's great-uncle led the first team to reach the same summit. Dan was Robyn's guest:


Shape up or ship out: Tony Clement to public servants

li-clement-ps-04499522[1].jpgThe federal government announced plans to have unionized federal employees undergo annual performance reviews to ensure they're pulling their weight.
Treasury Board President Tony Clement says workers who don't improve could face demotion or dismissal. Clement spoke to Robyn about the controversial idea which rolls out in April. 


Jessa Runciman has your weekend covered

Jessa.jpgJessa Runciman sits in for Amanda Putz to highlight the best bets for live music in Ottawa this weekend.


Orion the peregrine falcon visits Ottawa Morning

Hallieandfalcon.JPGHallie Cotnam encounters the world's fastest creature outside our studio on Sparks Street.


Ontario Report with Rob Benzie

RobBenzie.jpgThis has been the week of the political hot potato in Toronto. Our commentator Rob Benzie of the Toronto Star spoke to Robyn about Metrolinx's controversial suggestion to pay for gridlock in the Greater Toronto Area as well as the latest headaches for Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.


Is there a higher standard of conduct for politicians?

Robyn speaks to a former city councillor and an ethics professor about whether people expect more from their politicians than other citizens, and whether that's a good thing.


Ottawa Senators coach Paul MacLean looks back -- and ahead

paul-maclean-named-coach-VG5TARN-x-large[1].jpgRobyn got to speak to Sens head coach Paul MacLean about the team's unlikely successes this season, his hopes for the future and what he thinks of his "Walrus" nickname. MacLean also announced the winner of our Erik Karlsson autographed sweater giveaway.


Tom McSorley reviews "Blood Pressure"

Fresh from his work at the Cannes Film Festival, Ottawa Morning's resident film critic Tom McSorely drops by the studio to discuss Blood Pressure the latest offering from Canadian director Sean Garrity


Finalists for the Biggest Sens Fan

We asked you to tell us why you're the loudest and proudest Sens fan out there. The prize for the super fan? A Sens jersey, signed by Erik Karlsson. After sifting through all of the entries, these two came out on top:

Finalist #1: EMILY CLARK - Nominated by her mom:

"A couple of years ago when it was time to paint Emily's room, this is what she wanted to do. So we did the room in the Sens colours, and then she did the decorating. There is a signed Jason Spezza shirt framed on the wall and a Karlsson one would make a lovely set of book ends."


Finalist #2: JOSHUA LEVIN - Who argues he is the biggest Sens fan because of his Sens spirit:

"As you may know, if the Sens score in the last minute of the third period, each Sens ticket is valid for one free Big Mac at McDonald's. After the first time this happened in the playoffs, my friends and I combined all of our tickets and ordered ourselves a few Big Macs at the local McDonald's. After realizing we had a couple too many, we walked down Bronson Avenue and gave the extras to two homeless people I drive by nearly everyday on my way to work. This is where an idea began to bloom.

Alfredsson, with 29 seconds left in Game 3 against Pittsburgh, scored an unbelievable goal against the Penguins to tie the game. I was thrilled! I called my friends and said "Let's buy some more Big Macs, but this time, let's do it a little differently."

Over the course of the morning, we called everyone we knew who went to the game and gathered together their tickets. We got the burgers, and then made our way to the Byward Market where we handed out the food to the homeless. We even picked up tickets on the way, as people who heard our story were eager to help. Not only were we feeding the hungry, we were spreading Sens cheer. In fact, we even converted a Blackhawks fan."

Senate scrutiny: Chris Hall breaks down what's happening on Parliament Hill

View imageOur national affairs editor Chris Hall spoke to Robyn about the return of Prime Minister Stephen Harper to Question Period, and the questions he will face.


Residents of Michele Heights cope with negative perceptions

How do you turn around a neighbourhood with a bad reputation? Robyn spoke to a resident of Michele Heights and a city councillor who organized a community meeting which attracted passionate participants.


Bank Street: Relaunched

The Bank Street Business Improvement Area is hoping a new logo and a little creativity will help energize a stretch of one of Ottawa's most historic streets. Robyn spoke to Suzanne Racine and Ian Capstick of the Bank Street BIA about the plan.


Two local athletes win weekend's half marathon event

The winners of Ottawa Race Weekend's half marathon were local athletes. They spoke to Robyn about the race and how the work that went into making it:


80-year-old woman an inspiration on race weekend

Two-and-a-half hours is a pretty decent time for the half marathon. It's even more impressive if you're 80 years old. That's the case for Vi Turner. She has travelled from Thunder Bay to run the half in Ottawa Race Weekend. And other members of the family are signed up, too.
It's a tradition the Turners have observed since Vi's husband, Alan, was killed in a bus accident nine years ago. She spoke to Robyn on Friday.


Critical game for Ottawa's "Pesky Sens"

Stu Mills talks about the proverbial do-or-die game for the Ottawa Senators Friday night:



Button Karlsson Jersey.jpgWe know you are out there.

You're the guy with the red face paint, painstakingly applied on game day.

The friends who drove for 27 hours to get to a playoff game.

The kid who's been wearing a Sens hockey sweater every day since the team made the Playoffs.

Prove that you are the biggest, the best Sens fan there is and you could be the proud owner of your very own Erik Karlsson jersey, signed by the Norris Trophy-winner himself.

Email and tell us why you think you deserve the prize. Make the best case you can - photos and videos make for excellent supporting facts.

Click for contest rules and regulations. 

Our Municipal Panel muses on the Little Italy mews debate

It was supposed to be a simple vote to correct a technical error. Instead, it revealed deep resentment by some city councillors. At issue was a laneway called The Mews -- that developers, residents and councillors agreed should not be built in Little Italy. We got the low down from CBC Ottawa's city politics reporter Alistair Steele and Ottawa Citizen columnist Joanne Chianello.


Making sense of the meltdown: MacGregor talks Sens hockey

macgregor09sp10[1].jpgAs Ottawa Senators fans woke up to the realization that Wednesday night's 7-3 loss to the Pittsburgh Penguins wasn't a bad dream, we spoke to The Globe and Mail's Roy MacGregor to make sense of it all.


Jessa Runciman's weekend music picks

slide-2013-dusty-drifters[1].jpgJessa Runciman filled in for Amanda Putz and told Robyn about her top picks for live music in the Ottawa area this weekend:



Ottawa's "International Rescue" helps after Oklahoma twister

Helping from afar. Robyn speaks to the Ottawa man who is coaching emergency officials in Oklahoma through tornado rescue efforts.


Tom McSorley in Cannes

Tom_McSorley4_534_800_90[1].jpgTom spoke to Robyn about his Cannes Film Festival highlights so far.


Senator saddened over expenses scandal

Prime Minister Stephen Harper confronted the Senate expenses scandal as he addressed his caucus with the cameras rolling Tuesday morning. Earlier in the morning, Robyn spoke to Liberal Senator Jim Munson about the story, and how it has affected the Senate's image in the eyes of Canadians.


Light rail construction begins

si-ottawa-lrt-220-cbc-.jpgConstruction of Ottawa's light rail system begins this week. CBC Ottawa's Kate Porter spoke to Robyn about what it will mean for residents and commuters alike:


Joel Westheimer weighs in on EQAO testing

Joel-Westheimer-306-306.jpgNot being able to sleep, coming home in tears... For some kids, standardized tests are a major source of stress. So some parents keep their children home on test day. Our education columnist Joel Westheimer joined Robyn with his take on the controversial tests.


Pics from Freaky Friday with Kathleen Edwards

Rob Benzie on the shuffling at the top of OLG

RobBenzie.jpgThe head of Ontario's gaming agency, Paul Godfrey, is fired and the board of directors has resigned. Toronto Star Queen's Park bureau chief Rob Benzie discusses what's next for OLG and the prospects of a new casino in Ottawa.


Freaky Friday with guest host Kathleen Edwards


The Ottawa-area singer songwriter swapped microphones with Robyn for an energy-infused edition of Freaky Friday.

Part One:


Part Two:


Stu Mills visits legendary Primanti Brothers in Pittsburgh

300px-Pittsburgh_Strip_District_Primanti_Bros[1].jpgThey have three locations in Pittsburgh, including one in the Penguins' arena. Our reporter Stu Mills visited the original Primanti Brothers diner in the city's so-called "strip" district. It's a popular place for fans to watch hockey -- and to get a famous sandwich. Stu spoke to Toni Haggerty - she's been the manager there for three decades.


PTSD service dogs at work

Few people think twice when they see a service dog working with someone who's visually impaired. In fact, dogs are now used to help people with a variety of disabilities -- from epilepsy to autism.
But some soldiers with post-traumatic stress disorder, who have turned to service dogs to help them cope, are running into some obstacles. They say the military and Veterans Affairs aren't ready to welcome these dogs into the workplace, or as a claimable expense. CBC Reporter Julie Ireton prepared this documentary on one veterans' fight to keep his dog while on the job.


Amanda's long weekend music picks

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for amandaputz3.jpgForget Lotto 6/49. Our music columnist Amanda Putz has quick picks for this weekend's live scene and it includes a Rock Lottery where everyone's a winner.


Ottawa weather buff launches hyper local on-demand service

Kyle Smith loves the weather. He tracks conditions from home. And in his spare time, Kyle has been developing a better way for Ottawa residents to get weather information on demand. He's designed a weather website and app that constantly updates conditions, even for individual neighbourhoods. Kyle spoke to Robyn about on Thursday.


Ontario Report with Rob Benzie

RobBenzie.jpgOntario N-D-P leader Andrea Horwath holds the fate of the provincial budget in her hands. The Liberals have already made quite a few concessions to the party. But on Tuesday, Horwath announced she wants one more. Toronto Star Queen's Park bureau chief Rob Benzie spoke to Robyn about whether the budget will be passed.


Dealing with the risk of breast cancer

Angelina Jolie's decision to have a preventative double mastectomy has ignited a debate about whether more women should be considering the option? It's a familiar story to Colleen Lyle. The Ottawa realtor had a preventative double mastectomy in 2010. She's the founder of the Silver Lining program. It gives financial support to those with life-threatening illness. She spoke to Robyn about her difficult decision.


Ottawa Senators lose 4-1 to high-powered Penguins

SensChris Isles.JPGWith Game One in the books, our Sens reporter Stu Mills breaks down what happened and what the team needs to do to avoid another lopsided defeat. Stu also tracked down -- and spoke to -- the lone Sens fan in the CONSOL Energy Center Tuesday night.


Parents of Rowan Stringer remember their daughter

By all accounts, Rowan Stringer was a force of nature. The seventeen-year-old from Ottawa was sociable, vivacious, and the captain of her high school rugby team. And it was while playing the sport she loved last Wednesday, that she sustained a head injury that knocked her unconscious. She was rushed to the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario but she died on Sunday night. CBC Ottawa's Laurie Fagan spoke to Rowan's parents, Gordon and Kathleen Stringer.


Tom's Movie Pick: The Company You Keep

Tom_McSorley4_534_800_90[1].jpgA political thriller for the boomer generation. Our film critic Tom McSorley reviews Robert Redford's latest, The Company You Keep.


Sens super fans weigh in on Round Two vs the Pens


senspens.jpgOur Senators panel reconvened to look at what the team needs to do to get by the top seeded team in the NHL's east division, the Pittsburgh Penguins:





We preview Sens vs Pens

Thumbnail image for Senators.jpgStu Mills has been covering the Ottawa Senators during the playoffs. With Round Two set to begin on Tuesday, Robyn spoke to him about the team's state of mind and the possibility of playmaking centre Jason Spezza returning to the lineup:


Getting to the heart of child obesity

Weight-loss expert Dr. Yoni Freedhoff spoke to Robyn about a new program to treat children with weight issues by working with the whole family. His program will work with families for a full year and is covered by OHIP.


Kathleen Edwards Next Freaky Friday Guest

KE_ForWeb.jpgWhen you compare what Robyn and Kathleen Edwards do for a living - their jobs have a lot in common. Mainly, they both make a living using their voices. But as Robyn discovered yesterday, this is also what sets their two jobs apart.


Hear how Robyn did yesterday as Kathleen's back-up vocals during a concert at the Studio Theatre in Perth:



Tune in to the show on Friday, when Kathleen will take over Robyn's job as host between 7:30 and 8:30 a.m. As usual, it's going to be guarenteed good times!

Election in Pakistan

On Saturday, Pakistan votes for a new prime minister. The lead-up to the election has been fraught with violence. Over one hundred people killed in Taliban attacks. Robyn spoke with former Pakistani navy captain Sikander Ansari and Carleton University political scientist Elliot Tepper:


Ottawa takes the Habs in five games

The Ottawa Senators needed just five games to dispatch the Montreal Canadiens in their opening round NHL playoff series. Stu Mills is covering the Senators for CBC Ottawa. He spoke to Robyn about the game and where the Sens go from here: 


Municipal Panel with Joanne Chianello and Alistair Steele

Our city hall commentators, the Citizen's Joanne Chianello and CBC Ottawa's Alistair Steele, weigh in on a tax-freeze promise and the ongoing controversy surrounding Orga World and its composting contract with the city:  


Two Manchester United fans pay tribute to Sir Alex Ferguson

Britain's most successful soccer coach, Sir Alex Ferguson, announced he will retire at the end of the English Premier League season. Robyn spoke to two Manchester United super fans who happen to be married:


Amanda's Picks

 Our resident music columnist Amanda Putz spoke to Robyn about her best bets this weekend, including Rose Cousins: 


Sens Army celebrates surprising overtime win versus the Habs

The Ottawa Senators take control of their opening round playoff series against the Montreal Canadiens with a 3-2 overtime win Tuesday night at Scotiabank Place. Stu Mills breaks down the game -- and the series:


New doc chronicles Romeo Dallaire's return to Africa

Robyn speaks with Patrick Reed, director of the new documentary Fight Like Soldiers, Die Like Children. The film, which looks at retired Canadian general Romeo Dallaire's work to end the recruitment of child soldiers, opens Friday at the Mayfair Theatre:


Tom's Movie Pick: Pain and Gain

Mark Wahlberg stars as a Miami body-builder and fitness instructor who hatches a plan to kidnap one of his richest clients in "Pain and Gain." Trouble is, his two sidekicks are not the brightest bulbs around -- and things soon begin to go awry. Robyn spoke about the movice with Ottawa Morning film critic Tom McSorley:


Ottawa Report with Meagan Fitzpatrick

On Wednesday, Statistics Canada releases its National Household Survey. It will give us a snapshot of who lives where as well as where people come from and how much they make. The data are from the 2011 census, where for the first time a mandatory survey was replaced by a voluntary one. And that's raising questions. We spoke to CBC senior politics writer Meagan Fitzpatrick for the details.


Education columnist Joel Westheimer

There's a new report out on applied high school courses, and the people who take them in Ontario. The report was written by the advocacy group People for Education. It found the bulk of teenagers taking "applied" courses in Ontario continue to come from low-income households despite the fact streaming was officially abolished in 1999. Our education columnist Joel Westheimer weighs in on the study, and the concept of streaming.


Crowning Canada's ultimate Canuck

Orleans Star reporter and editor Catherine Kitts spoke to Hallie Cotnam about showing how she's more than just a smart journalist: a recent contest sent her to Dublin, Ireland where she proved she knows how to have a good time too...


Senators Game Three Recap with Stu Mills

Hallie discusses the Sens' blowout win over the Montreal Canadiens, as well as the man of the match, three-goal scorer Jean-Gabriel Pageau:


The Jerry Cans


Musical guests, The Jerry Cans, perform live in the Ottawa Morning studio in celebration of a new arrival.


Ways to Spring into Spring

Berry-Go-Round.jpgLooking for ways to soak up the sun this weekend? Here's more info on some of the events and ideas we brought up this morning:

The Sparks Street Carnival starts today at noon on Sparks Street. Carnival rides, games and food until Sunday, May 12.

Opening Ceremonies for the Canadian Tulip Festival will be held today at noon, in front of Ottawa City Hall. The festival runs until Monday, May 20.

The Ottawa Farmers' Market opens at Brewer's Park on Sunday, May 5.

Visit the Sens Miles website to see which Elgin Street bars and restaurant will be playoff hubs.

We also gave a preview of one of the Jane's Walk this weekend. More info here.

Amanda Putz's Music Picks

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for amandaputz3.jpgThursday, May 2

Elisapie + Sarah MacDougall @NAC Fourth Stage

Irene's All Stars Blues Thursdays with guest host Vince Halfhide- no cover

Robert Farrell Band @ Avante Garde Bar

Live Rock Karaoke! @ Zaphod's

Friday, May 3

**Bay City Rollers @ Babylon 7pm!!

**John Allaire & The Confederation + Bill Toms @ Irene's

**Fire Next Time + The Penske File @ Avante Garde Bar

**Fire & Neon EP release w/ The Love Machine + Zoo Legacy @ Ritual

Steve Adamyk Band, New Swears & TBA at Dominion Tavern
Eat Crow / Flying Fortress / TBWNIS @ Pressed (on Gladstone)

The Strain + Little Stella @ The Black Sheep Inn

Chuck and the Karnivores @ Kaffe 1870

Rick Mercer (not music) @ Centrepointe Theatre

The Love Fest @  Saint Paul's University (Amphitheatre) 223 Main St, 6-11pm. Interactive Drum Circle w/ Tom Wolf 6:00- 6:45 pm, Concert performances 7-11pm

Saturday, May 4

Billy Bragg + Kim Churchill @ Bronson Centre Theatre

Brandon Isaak+ Declan O'Donovan & Ryan McNally (NORTHERN SCENE) @ 10:00pm Tickets: $12.50  The Rainbow Bistro  - 76 Murray St  Ottawa, ON

Uncle Sean & The Shifty Drifters + Rotted Roots Ramblers @ Irene's

**SPOONS: Arias and Symphonies 30th Anniversary + STEVE GARDINER @ Zaphod's

A Tribute to Chopper McKinnon @ Southminster United

Buddywasisname & the Other Fellers (30 Years) @ Centrepointe Theatre

The Dead Flowers - a Rolling Stones Tribute Band that will knock your socks off, if you're still wearing them @ Kaffe 1870 (Wakefield)

Bill Toms (Pittsburgh) special guest at The ALLAIRE SHOW @ Quinn's Ale House - weekly singer/songwriter matinee series 3pm-5pm (1070 Bank St. near Sunnyside in Ottawa) and features John with a different songwriter each week!

Sunday, May 5

Marion Arthur @ Pressed (4pm)

John Hanson + Margaret Currie @ Westboro Masonic Hall 3:00PM John's guests: Margaret Currie, Pat McLaughlin, Hollis Morgan, Alan Sandeman, Sally Robinson, Malcolm Hanson (jazz pianist extraordinaire), Pat Moore & Doree Kovalio. Brought to you by Spirit of Rasputins Cabaret $12 at the door

Dusty Drifters "You bet your ass it's bluegrass" @ Irene's

GUN OUTFIT (Olympia, Washington). + ORGAN EYES @ Zaphod's

Jerry Cans from Iqaluit s/g Cody Allen @ Black Sheep Inn (4pm)

Parents of Autistic Teens

Hallie speaks to the parents of two autistic teenagers about the challenges they face, and the services that are available to them in Ontario.



Shoebox Audiometer

Hallie meets Dr Matthew Bromwich, the inventor of the Shoebox Audiometer.



Autism Mom

Hallie speaks to the mother of a severely autistic teenager about her decision to drop him off at a government office and walk away.