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Ottawa Votes Blog: Signs of trouble

Update: October 12, 2010

It's been pointed out to me that Clive Doucet has no lawn signs per se. Instead, he has downloadable signs that people have been putting up in their windows. It's also been pointed out that this process is a bit cumbersome, and so that may help explain why there are four Jim Watson signs on the stretch of Holmwodd across from Sylvia Holden Park, and no Doucet signs. Maybe, but it still doesn't explain why people who are opposed to the Lansdowne development are supporting Watson. The sign owners I spoke with on Sunday struggled to explain it themselves. One wasn't really aware Watson supports the Lansdowne plan, and the other felt Doucet simply isn't a viable choice. The other two weren't home.


I dropped by Clive Doucet's presser at Sylvia Holden Park yesterday. In case you don't know, he's calling on his opponents to leave the strip of grass and trees that forms the northern border of Lansdowne Park alone. Under the current plan to redevelop Lansdowne, the park will disappear to make way for a tower at the corner of Bank Street and Holmwood Avenue, and a strip of 4-story town homes along Holmwood.

You'd think the folks living along the north side of Holmwood would be interested in preserving the park as well. And many, if not most of them are. But they're not showing it with lawn signs. There are exactly five election signs between Bank and O' for Capital Ward candidate David Chernushenko, and four for Doucet's rival for the mayoralty, Jim Watson. Watson has been very clear: If elected, he will not seek to alter any part of the Lansdowne plan, including the condos on Holmwood.