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Ottawa Votes Blog: Ward 7 (Bay)

Unofficial election results from the City of Ottawa.

Results for all mayoral candidates are also available.

Position Name Votes
Councillor / Conseiller(Ëre)Alex Cullen4323
Councillor / Conseiller(Ëre)George Guirguis1789
Councillor / Conseiller(Ëre)Peter Heyck99
Councillor / Conseiller(Ëre)Oni Joseph544
Councillor / Conseiller(Ëre)Terry Kilrea1164
Councillor / Conseiller(Ëre)Shawn Little903
Councillor / Conseiller(Ëre)Erik Olesen61
Councillor / Conseiller(Ëre)Mark Taylor5394
Note: Unofficial results released by the City of Ottawa

Candidates for Councillor


Population: 43,995
Area: 40.8 km²
Density: 1078.3 people / km²
Average household income: $67,229

Bay Ward is located in the West end of Ottawa, and includes Bayshore, Britannia Village, Carlingwood, Crystal Bay, Lakeview Park, Woodroffe, and Lincoln Heights.

Bay is bordered by the 417 to the south, and the Ottawa River to the north.

It extends as far east as Maitland Avenue and as far west as Riddell Drive.

In the 2006 municipal election, 56 per cent of those eligible voted for mayor.

That's similar to the city average of 54 per cent.

Bay Ward is fairly diverse. 37 per cent of residents over the age of 15 are first generation immigrants.

Approximately 2.7 per cent of residents speak neither French nor English.

The Woodroffe-Lincoln Heights community has the highest concentration of older seniors in the city.

The property crime rate in Bay Ward is 52 crimes per 1000 people.

That is higher than the city average of 42.5 crimes per 100 people.

The average household income in Bay Ward is $67,229, which is lower than the city average income of $85,136, according to the 2006 census.

* Statistics are approximate and courtesy of the Ottawa Neighborhood Study. Population, density, and voter turnout statistics are courtesy of the City of Ottawa.

Hot Topics

  • Public transportation
    30 per cent of residents in Bay Ward take the bus to work.
  • Public housing
  • Seniors care