House of Paint


Ten years ago Dunbar Bridge (located between Brewer Park and Carleton University) became the House of Paint - the first legal graffiti space in the city.  

For the local hip hop community, this called for a celebration - and the House of Paint Festival of Urban Arts was born.  

In the words of its organizers, the House of Paint Festival is about "Graffiti Writin', Bboy/Bgirlin, DJin' and MCin'." We're not sure about you, but we're going to need a bit of a refresher on the Hip Hop scene before we hit up this all-ages, family-friendly fest - which takes place September 11 to 15, 2013. 

In the time leading up to the Festival, CBC Ottawa is going to spend some time decoding urban and hip hop culture.  To start, we've dug up some oldies-but-goodies from our archives. 

Make sure you tune in to CBC Radio One (91.5 FM) and CBC television in early September for some fresh material, and we'll see you at the festival in a few weeks.

(pron: gruh FEETY)
inscriptions or drawings glued, scratched or sprayed on a surface.
The House of Paint Festival came about because of the designation of the city's first graffiti wall. Here's a piece we did on All in a Day in 2009, about a modern-day approach to this art form.


MC (pron: emm SEE) Anyone who speaks over a beat, or performs songs that could be termed "hip-hop."
Eternia is an Ottawa-born, Juno-nominated MC. This is audio from her visit to the All in a Day Studio in August, 2011. Eternia will be performing at the 2013 House of Paint Festival.

BBOY (Pron bee-BOY) or BGIRL (Pron: bee GERL) The original term for a breakdancer or breaker; Bboy stems from the term 'break boy', referring to one who dances energetically on the break beat. 
The House of Paint Festival organizers know how to prep the city for their party. It's all about spontaneous bboy and bgirl action in the streets...

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