Ottawa, get ready to be amazed.

From April 25 - May 4, Ottawa/Gatineau will host the largest gathering ever of northern artists at Northern Scene. We'll be there to tell you their stories.

Join CBC News Ottawa anchor, Lucy van Oldenbarneveld as she covers the opening live for CBC television starting at 5 o'clock on April 25. She'll be bringing you the sights and sounds of the opening Welcome Ceremony which includes performances from three artists  we spoke to earlier this week. Boyd Benjamin a.k.a. the Flying Gwitch'in Fiddler, throat boxer Nelson Tagoona and dancer Marilyn Jenson.  

Northern Scene is the sixth in a series of biennial national festivals produced by the National Arts Centre to showcase the work of artists from a specific region of Canada. This year the Festival celebrates the arts and culture of Yukon, the Northwest Territories and Nunavut as well as Nunatsiavut and Nunavik. Events in music, theatre, dance, visual and media arts, film, storytelling, food and fashion will take place at venues across the city and beyond, over ten fun-filled, culture-rich days. It's a northern cultural cornucopia involving the work from over 250 artists and performers. 

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