Win Orchestra seats for Beauty & the Beast at the NAC!


This is Jake. 

He thinks he's pretty good looking. Might even go far as to say strikingly handsome. We're thinking some of you out there might have something to say about that. 

We're looking for nominations for Ottawa's Most Beautiful Beasts. If you want to get in on the action, email your best pet picture to with your name and phone number. If your photo appears on Ian Black's 6pm weather forecast on CBC local news during the week of September 10 you win one of five pairs of tickets to the Broadway Across Canada production of "Beauty and the Beast" at the NAC, October 30 through November 4. And not just any pair of tickets. Orchestra seats, worthy of Ottawa's Most Beautiful Beast's Owner.

We'll post the entries to Facebook the week of September 10 if you want to check out the nominations. Help us decide by telling your friends and "liking" your favourite. 

So please "be our guest" and enjoy the show. Jake insists on it. Oh and he wants to let you know that you can check out the fine print here.

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