What you need to start your day


Battery Acid. Brain Juice. Brew. Cup of Joe. Daily Grind.

You'd be surprised how many slang terms exist for coffee.

A lot. Makes sense when you figure the world consumes
three tons of caffeine every day. Many of us need it, nay crave it, every morning - it's just one of things you need to get started every day. We at Ottawa Morning like to think we are the radio equivalent of a cup of coffee. Every day we strive to put together a morning radio show that gives you all the survival information you need to get through your day: traffic with Dave Brown, sports with John Hancock, news headlines with Jaimie Kehler -- all the top stories hosted by Robyn Bresnahan.

Starting September 11 we want to take it one step further. Every Tuesday morning until October 9 we're going to pick one clip from our show and ask you to answer a question about it on Facebook. Don't worry, it won't be too tough. If you get it right, you may win a fabulous vessel to carry the all-essential "Rocket Fuel" to its destination, plus you'll be in the running for our Grand Prize of a $100 gift certificate to Bridgehead to keep you well supplied for weeks. Why not get in on the action and "Like Us" today?

A little extra jolt to get you out of bed. What could be better?

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