CBC Ottawa Presents: "Absolutely Ottawa"

Your local CBC team has been busy putting together some great summer programming.

Every Saturday starting July 21 through September 1 tune in to CBOT at 7pm to catch the six part series "Absolutely Ottawa" featuring locally produced stories from the Ottawa-Gatineau region including profiles of local artists and musicians, locally produced documentaries and short films.

Check out this line-up and make sure you clear your schedule accordingly!

Episode 1: July 21 "Art Vault"

Art Vault
explores the intriguing art of several artists from the region including:

Holly Dean (Mixed Media) 

Dale Dunning (Bronze Sculptor) 

Mike Gall (Graffiti Artist) 

Marisa Gallemit (Sculptor/Visual Art)

Jaime Koebel (Artist/Metis Art)

Bozica Radjenovic (Sculptress)

Carl Stewart (Textile Artist)

Tick Tock Tom (Metal Sculptor)

Bear Witness (DJ/Media Artist)

Using a mix of materials and techniques - from blowtorches and knitting needles, to videotape and mattresses - these artists are broadening the public's view of art and culture.

Episode 2: July 28 "Strings"

Part interview, part performance Strings is a music documentary that explores some of the best string players in Ottawa including:

April Verch (Fiddler)

Caroline Leonardelli (Harp)

Yadong Guan (Pipa)

Kerson Leong (Violin)

Kelly Prescott, Lucas Haneman and Lynne Hanson (Guitar)

These local musicians share their personal experiences with their most treasured possessions: their instruments.

Episode 3: August 4 "Four Wheeled Furies"

They're fast. They're furious (kind of). Four Wheeled Furies is a documentary about a group of women who are part of the Rideau Valley Roller Girls (RVRG) and the fascinating world of roller derby. These Ottawa-area women aren't simply skating around in circles. They're on track and focussed on three things: winning, having fun and giving back to the community.

Episode 4: August 19 "North Boys, South Girls"

Two short documentaries, written and produced by CBC News Ottawa co-anchor Lucy van Oldenbarneveld, that explore the personal journeys of two Aboriginal men and two Inuk women as they find their way back to their roots.

North Boys
, the first feature of the night was nominated for three awards at the Yorkton Film Festival and it won the prestigious Founder's Award.

Episode 5: August 25 "Ottawa Docs"

Ottawa Docs features the work of several first time documentary makers. From raising social awareness, to embracing our differences and celebrating life, these documentaries tell the stories of people and places in our city.
Showcasing the work of:

Megan Vicaire "11-11-11"

Eric McAllister "Redicule"

Justin Nalepa "Swan Song"

Wasim Baobaid "Sax Appeal"

Jeremy Cherpit "B-Boy Christian Ancheta".

Episode 6: September 1 "Ottawa Shorts"

The summer series wraps up with Ottawa Shorts, a showcase of short films by Ottawa-Gatineau filmmakers. Many of these films were part of local festivals and competitions like: Digi 60, 72-Hour Challenge and Treepot Media's Indie Filmmaker Showcase. There are several great productions on the marquee:

"Moments" by Jeremy Kennedy

"The Adventures of Problem-Solving Superhero" by A. Megan Turnbull

"Melodie" by Karim Ayari & Mylene Paquin

"The Interview" by Karim Ayari

"Super" by Derek Price

"Cinderfella" by Jolanta Mojsej and "Encore" by Robin Leveille

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