CBC Ottawa Annual Charity Drive

CBC Holiday Charity Drive

Support provided by the Shepherds of Good Hope extends far beyond feeding the city's homeless men. In fact, they have seven buildings in the city from which they help men, women and even children. Programs include emergency shelters, supportive living, and supplying groceries to over 21,000 Ottawa families.

On Friday, December 7, we will dedicate a day of local air time to telling the stories of The Shepherds of Good Hope and the lives they touch.

You can Make a Difference

Click here to see a list of prizes you could win just for making a donation.


If you prefer to donate in person or by mail, download our Donation Form. You can:

- Mail it to The Shepherds of Good Hope, 233 Murray Street Ottawa, Ontario K1N 5M9

- Hand deliver it to Robyn Bresnahan, who will be hosting Ottawa Morning live from Tunney's Pasture Transit Station on Friday, December 7 from 5:30 to 8:30 a.m. [click here for map]

- Come on down to our holiday concert at the Sun Life Financial Centre on Friday, December 7 from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. and hand deliver it to one of our hosts. [click here for map]

Shepherds of Good Hope building at Murray and King Edward. They have six other buildings around the city from which they run their programs.
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This sign at Murray and King Edward is used to convey inspiring messages. It's also used when the organization is in need of volunteers or donated items.
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The Shepherds of Good hope wants to be known as more than just a soup kitchen - but they still serve 700,000 meals a year to homeless men and women in the city.
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Bob is just one of the SGH's longstanding volunteers. He's been helping out for over 9 years.
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The Good Day Workshop is a program offered by the SGH. People bring old furniture here to have it restored by recovering addicts.
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A philosophy of the Shepherds of Good Hope is to keep the hands busy with constructive, hands-on tasks like wood working at the Good Day Work Shop.
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The Oaks is the SGH's 36-unit supportive living residence. It helps men and women living with mental health and additions issues.
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Thomas spends his days painting. His artwork decks many of his neighbours' walls at the Oaks Residence.
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