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Marketing Lansdowne: Get your dish towels here!

Posted by Alistair Steele

I suspect this is de rigueur these days when setting up a multi-million dollar, multi-faceted business venture. Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group has registered the trademarks and Domain names for the same brands have also been reserved.

And if you're looking for Christmas presents, mylansdowne has you covered. Under "Wares" associated with the new trademarks:

"Toys and games, namely educational toys, plush toys, stuffed animals, puppets, building and construction toys, playing cards, balloons, stuffed toys, beach toys, battery-operated toys, kites, flying discs, toy watches; sporting goods and recreational equipment, namely golf balls, golf markers and tees, baseballs and bats, baseball hats and gloves, baseball sweaters, soccer balls, hockey sticks, hockey nets, hockey pucks, basketballs, headbands, wristbands; clothing and all climate clothing, namely shirts, t-shirts, aprons, bibs, tank tops, swimsuits, toques, scarves, neckties, ties, belts, uniforms, suspenders, gloves, handkerchiefs, turtlenecks, sweaters, woven shirts, jogging suits, sportswear, athletic wear, overalls, jumpsuits, shorts and pants, blouses, coats, jackets, parkas, warm-up suits, bathrobes; footwear, namely shoes, boots and socks; shoelaces; baby clothing, baby towels, baby bibs, baby headwear, namely baby hats; printed goods, office and stationery supplies, namely calendars, calendar pads, agendas, photo albums, two-dimensional stickers, three-dimensional vinyl stickers, envelopes, greeting cards, bulletin boards, note pads, writing paper, posters, post cards, guest books, invitations, letter openers, memo pads, note books, paperweights, bumper stickers, crests, heat-sealed badges and emblems, iron-on decals, stickers, adhesive seals, vinyl stickers, pressure-sensitive labels, heat transfers, iron-on transfers, self-sticking transfers, ballpoint pens, felt pens, crayons, rubber stamps, name tags, luggage tags, trading cards, stamp pads; school kits, namely binders, bookmarks, book covers, note paper, desk sets, pencils, crayons, diaries, erasers, pencil cases, pencil boxes, pencil sharpeners, rulers, gummed labels, decals; packaging and wrapping materials, namely gift wrapping, paper, ribbons, bows, string and stickers; publications namely books, children's books, cut-out books, pop-up books, read-along books, comic books, periodicals, souvenir books, colouring books, story books, magazines and newspapers, coffee table books and tabloids; posters, cardboard auto windshield shades, prints, paintings, brochures; luggage, luggage tags, beach bags, sports bags, duffle bags; watches and umbrellas; souvenir items, namely pennants, flags, banners, balloons, statuettes, bottle openers; match books, souvenir albums, sculptures, Christmas ornaments, licence holders, sew-on badges, name badges, car emblems, piggy banks, plaques, carvings, figurines, teaspoons, mascot costumes and toy replicas thereof, trophies, baskets, nail clippers, crests, trinket ornaments, binoculars, novelty buttons, key chains, key fobs, key tags, lighters, flashlights; jewellery, namely earrings, lockets, medals, medallions, money clips, necklaces, pendants and tie tacks, watches and straps, wrist bands, watch chains; fridge magnets, craft magnets, paper weights, lunch boxes and pails, coasters, place mats, napkins, serviettes, table cloths, paper towels, dish towels, tray tables, clocks, cushion; pitcher sets, bud vases, swizzle sticks; cameras; glassware namely drinking and decorative glasses; cups, mugs, beer mugs, steins, shotglasses, shooter glasses; porcelain ware namely coffee mugs, beer steins."

So OSEG considers this both a belt and suspenders merchandise plan then... 

Galvanizing opinion on Ottawa's underground infrastructure

Posted by Alistair Steele

It will be at least a month before we see the results of that 90-day independent investigation into the root causes of September's culvert collapse and sinkhole in the middle of the Jeanne d'Arc off-ramp of Highway 174. City Manager Kent Kirkpatrick has assured us that this inspection video, obtained by CBC News through Access to Information, will play a key role.

For those of us growing impatient for the official report, another clue to the root cause of the collapse may be found in another report, which wrapped up more than a month ago. On Sept. 12 council directed staff to go forth and assess the condition of any critical insfrastructure "similar in age and materials" to the pipe that failed.

In a Sept. 28 memo summarizing the results of that review, Kent Kirkpatrick describes the work being done to speed up the relining of some of that infrastructure under critical transportation corridors, mostly in the city's east end. Then at the end of the memo, he offers "clarification" related to the Jeanne d'Arc culvert, including this:

"The section under the eastbound lanes, composed of non galvanized steel, deteriorated at a much greater rate than the section found under the westbound lanes, which is galvanized steel."

Kirkpatrick notes the two sections were of similar vintage. He does not explain why different materials were used under the same highway. Inspection videos of the culvert under the westbound lanes (CBC News obtained four separate videos altogether, along with still photos and written reports) reveal the pipes are in pretty good shape. That's the galvanized one. The video of the non-galvanized culvert under the eastbound lanes...well, it pretty much speaks for itself.

Here's Kirkpatrick's memo: Memo Culverts FINAL 2.doc

Lansdowne's retail map takes shape

Posted by Alistair Steele

**I am re-posting this entry from April, in light of the confirmation of another "place holder" on the map below. OSEG says Sporting Life, shown taking up most of Building A, is indeed coming to Lansdowne.**


I was recently shown this retail map of Lansdowne Park:


I realize you can't make out the details, and some of the fine print on the original's a bit difficult to decipher as well. But I can tell you that with only one exception, every space on the map appears to be occupied. (The developer calls them "placeholders"...more on that below.) Here's the breakdown:

Building A (Bank at Holmwood): Sporting Life

Building B (Holmwood): Under Armour, Mrs. Tiggy Winkle's, Restoration Hardware

Building C (Holmwood): Formella (a restaurant, apparently), LoCal (another resto), Empire Cinemas

Building D (Holmwood, beside the Horticulture Building): Jack Astor's, Wasabi Sushi

Building H (Bank): Whole Foods (second floor), LCBO, Starbucks, Puma, Lulu Lemon, Laura Secord, Cake Shop (presumably the Cake Shop), Sunset Grill, and a "personal service business" that looks like it might be Renaldo, the coiffeur to the stars

Building G1 (just east of Building H): Children's Place, Bootlegger, Claire's, another small retailer I can't make out, and a restaurant called "Joey" (this Seafood place?)

Building G2 (beside G1): Sunglass Hut and another small retailer called "Fratelli" (unless they mean the restaurant and accidentally used the wrong colour)

Civic Centre (under the north side stands): Goodlife Fitness, The Source, Wind Mobile, David's Tea, South St. Burger, and another salon

Building I (the south-west corner, on Bank): TD Bank, Milestones, Spence Diamonds

This "Leasing Plan" is dated March 5, 2012. According to Trinity's Lansdowne site, only  Whole Foods, LCBO and Empire have actually inked some kind of a lease. So where did all these other names come from? Some were mentioned in the Lansdowne Partnership's refined retail strategy presented back in February (the "Amended Retail Mix" appears on page 20). Others seem to have appeared in the interim. 

None of the handful of businesses on the new map that I contacted has signed a lease, or has engaged in any significant talks with Trinity. The Glebe BIA's Christine Leadman hadn't seen the map, but says it's likely just a "developer's tool" to attract tenants. A spokesperson for OSEG confirms this, calling the names on the map "placeholders."

Still, both this map and the previous leasing strategy give some indication of the types of businesses Trinity hopes to attract. Some are generating excitement (hello Restoration Hardware). Others, not so much. Still others can be found in any mall across the city (Claire's, Bootlegger, The Source). This probably isn't the "diverse, vibrant and successful retail environment" some people had in mind.