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Hume clarifies OMB confusion

Here's the memo from Peter Hume explaining this morning's OMB issue. It was the subject of a huddle in the council chamber that can only be described as frantic:

From: Hume, Peter E
Sent: February 8, 2012 1:01 PM
To: =City Councillors
Cc: Arpin, Serge; Marc, Timothy C; Moser, John
Subject: OMB Hearing - Clarification - Lands to be included in the Urban Area


There was a question during this morning's OMB hearing from the Presiding OMB Member with respect to whether there was a double counting of the Fernbank (OPA 77 - 163 ha) lands. 


The City and all other parties have been operating under the belief that the 850 ha included the Fernbank lands and therefore what was really to be added to the urban area was approximately 687 ha.


The Board's interpretation is that OPA 77 already brought the Fernbank lands into the urban boundary and that they should not be counted toward the 850  ha. Therefore, according to the OMB the City is required to add an additional 163 ha into the urban area.


City Legal staff are currently presenting witnesses at the hearing but will be reviewing this clarification and may make further submissions to the OMB with regard to this interpretation. In the event that the City is required to add an additional 163 ha to the urban area the City Council approved priority list would be used to determine the specific parcels that would be added to the urban area.


As soon as more information is available I will forward it to you.


Peter Hume


Planning Committee

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