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Friends fume over Lansdowne tenders

As we patiently wait for a judgement in the appeal by Friends of Lansdowne, the developers behind the bid to redevelop the park are keeping busy, not to mention optimistic about the outcome of the court case. Two seperate calls for tender are going out this week, one by Trinity Developments for the new commercial buildings at Lansdowne, and another for the stadium, Civic Centre and underground parking.

That second project, valued at nearly $130-million, has a start date of March 2012. In other words, shovels in the ground in a matter of weeks. That has the group behind the legal challenge, Friends of Lansdowne, fuming. Here's part of an update they just released:

"The arrogance of the City and OSEG in going out with these tender calls at this time is disturbing. The legality of the partnership project is still before the courts; there are no provincial environmental or heritage approvals; the site plan is not approved; and Council has not approved the terms of the final agreement with OSESG. Why are the City and OSEG proceeding as if they have the green light? What makes them so confident?"

Friends of Lansdowne also say the commercial component is to be designed by Petroff Architects of Markham. "Whatever happened to the original architects Barry Hobin and Brisbin Brook Beynon and their designs?" ask FoL.

However the city's web site leaves the impression that Hobin & co. are still in charge, and the call for tender notes "Cannon Design is (still) the Architect of Record for the project.


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