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The play's the thing, but probably not the only thing

Here's the text of the short monologue Matt Taronno says he was reciting before this happened:



     Written by: Matt Taronno


(Lights up on a man in his twenties, talking on his phone)


(MAN speaks with a distorted European language; obviously a foreigner)


Man: There was a time when I didn't have to deal with these types of people. These people are tramps. I feel horrible. I mean what is it that I've done that made you despise my work effort? I am a businessman. Okay? What are you. YOU are scum. Sorry, but that's the truth. People hate men who follow rules. I am referring to myself as people. At least after I deal with you, I never have to see you again. I give you free pussy... and you give me nothing more than disrespect. And you're wondering why I'm angry? Look into the situation... you'll see.


Now, this text bears little resemblance to the description offered by the man who shot the now-infamous video:


"I paused my music and over heard this young man saying that he 'sleeps on the ground, run around with no clothes on, tries to be as spontaneous as possible, that he hates pregnancy and loves nudity.'"


It's difficult to see how either version provoked such a violent reaction from the driver. I've spoken with the videographer, who does not want to be identified simply because he doesn't want to be part of the story. (He insists he'd never seen Taronno in his life, and gave me no reason to disbelieve that, despite all the theories that this was a staged event.) He's sticking with his version, but he says Taronno did other stuff to irk the driver. He says Taronno had been ringing the bell before every stop, even though he wasn't getting off the bus, and that he'd been standing next to the driver a good four or five minutes before the finale. He says the driver appeared to know Taronno (he said something like, "Every time it's the same thing with you"), and says the swearing and threats had been going on for a while before he hit record. He says at one point the driver pulled over on the Queensway and urged Taronno off the bus. It will be interesting to see how many of those details emerge when OC Transpo announces the results of its investigation.   




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