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And the winners are...

When Mayor Jim Watson, transit commission chair Diane Deans and Transportation Committee chair Marianne Wilkinson reveal the consortia short-listed to bid on the city's $2.1-billion light rail project tomorrow, a lot of people will be looking to see if Siemens is on the list. The multinational giant says it's interested in bidding, despite its rocky history here. (The company has also said it's looking to get around the 25 per cent made-in-Canada rule it says gives certain competitors an unfair advantage.)

But at this stage of the complex procurement process, the consortia don't necessarily have to reveal all their partners. The builders of the trains themselves, for example, don't have to be named quite yet. So if you don't see Siemens on the list tomorrow, that doesn't mean the company's out of the running.

As for how many consortia will be named, some are reporting four. I'm hearing three. We'll know for sure tomorrow.

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