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Bélanger to make LRT pitch at historic station

So the Liberal candidate for Ottawa-Vanier, Mauril Bélanger, has scheduled a news conference for 10 a.m. tomorrow in front of the Government Conference Centre on Rideau Street. According to his news release, he will "unveil a proposal on the light rail transit network's "flagship" station in Ottawa." That would be Rideau Station, which the the LRT folks at the city say will look like this. The Conference Centre, to the west, is only mentioned in terms of "future links" to the LRT stop.

A spokesperson for Bélanger isn't saying what the incumbent's proposal is, only that there will be lots of business people and representatives from the hospitality industry at the announcement. Could Bélanger be tearing a page from former mayor Larry O'Brien's book? Looks like that train still hasn't left the station.

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