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The Tweeps are not amused

Are folks getting a little tired of the incessant online name-calling between some of our mayoral candidates and their campaigners? Here's just a sample of the tweets from Sunday afternoon that lead me to believe yes, yes they are:

"@LarryOBrien2010 & @ JimWatsonOttawa. If we wanted Rock'em Sock'em robots we'd go to Toys 'r Us!"

"@LarryOBrien2010 could you please stop taking jabs at the other candidates and tell us what you'll be doing for the city instead?

"I think we are all tired of the Twitter between ...the two or three at the top for mayor...lets just focus on what are you going to do...and then do it best you can....."

And my favourite:

"nobody but politico hacks care which babies are being kissed at what location. How about some substance?"

Ouch. I think the tweeple have spoken.

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