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Whose tweet is this anyway?

Do the mayoral candidates tweet for themselves, or do their tweeps tweet for them? A number of people were asking yesterday, after someone noticed @LarryOBrien2010 was live tweeting the BOMA debate. Only he wasn't. Here's what O'Brien's new media director Jasmine MacDonnell says about her boss:

"The mayor tweets whenever possible, but at times when he's tied up in events he asks his campaign team to keep followers up to date on his behalf."

@JimWatsonOttawa's media guy Bruce Graham also says his boss tweets for himself -- most of the time.

"Obviously during Jim's announcements a staff member might tweet the link to the news release. But Jim's Twitter is on his BlackBerry on his belt or at his computer on his desk. So, obviously not 100% but very close."

@VoteHaydon tweeted furiously after the BOMA debate. Like O'Brien and Watson, Andy occasionally relies on helpers:

"I tweet as many tweets as I can. I write all my blogs and send them to Facebook. I also do my own website. Everything that is posted is written by me. Sometimes, using what I have written, I use a helper to post some of my tweets." 

That leaves Clive Doucet. His communications director Brigid Janssen says tweets from @CliveForMayor come from the campaign team, but tweets from @CliveDoucet are strictly from the man himself. You follow? 

@CliveDoucet will be live on Twitter to answer voters' questions tomorrow, from noon until 1 p.m. And yes, the real Clive will be at the other end of those tweets.


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