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Terry's tally

And since everyone's showing off e-mails today...

I promised to post Terry Kilrea's response to my query about his costing of the city's bilingualism policy. Here it is:

Hi Alistair

City of Ottawa printing alone costs $Millions printing everything in French and English sending in to areas where not required. There are staff that work just to set planning and priorities and as we speak,a review is being done to improve and determine where more can be done ,etc.

Language training amongst other things and translation. I know French Language Services Budget is $2.4 Million for the record but affiliated costs are buried in other budgets.

Thanks for the inquiry? I am sure it exceeds $ my estimate but until in the tent,can't get exact costs. If elected, I will leave no stone unturned.

Grant School itself is costing $2 Million now.

I'm still not convinced, but I appreciate the reply nonetheless.

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