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OTAG's Take

For the record, the good people at OTAG think their event went quite well, thank you very much. Here's part of an e-mail they sent around the next day:

The rules communicated to the candidates before the debate include; the audience could only ask a question to 2 people, if approached we would have increased the number to 4 people. There is absolutely no way you can have a meaningful debate if people are allowed to direct questions to all 20 candidates. One Mayoral candidate told us that this was the "best debate they have attended in the history of Ottawa" and some "other debates are only allowing the front runners to participate".

This debate was a win for taxpayers as it means that whoever is elected has committed to implement ideas that will drive change. A lot of effort went into the organization of the debate and we appreciate all the emails of appreciation that we have received from members and the public. We look forward to continuing to speak for the silent majority on the issues of taxes and spending.

I'll go out on a limb and guess the candidate who told OTAG it was the best debate ever was NOT Andy Haydon!

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