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Kilrea says "non" to language policy

Bay Ward candidate Terry Kilrea has also been busy. He's on the bilingualism warpath again. Here's his latest:

Kilrea says if elected:

I will table a motion asking for an immediate review and to have this policy suspended IMMEDIATELY until clarification and interpretation is crystal clear.

The way this policy is being interpreted is a recipe for Bankruptcy and needless waste of Tens of $ Millions of Tax dollars or more. There seems to be a sense of entitlement.

...It has gotten to the point that if a resident was burning or being stabbed, they should be allowed to be rescued in their language of choice.

City has an obligation to help everybody regardless of language.

...The interpretation of City of Ottawa Language Policy is a recipe for divisiveness.

"Tens of millions of tax dollars or more?" Really? I've asked Kilrea how he arrived at that figure, but I haven't heard back. I'll keep you posted. In the mean time, here's the city's bilingualism policy.

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