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Arch Rivals

After months of tireless work by skilled craftsmen from China, Ottawa's Chinatown Gateway is almost ready. A lavish ceremony featuring mayor Larry O'Brien is being planned for October 7th, just two and a half weeks before the election. Earlier this year O'Brien embarked on a successful trade mission to China, and is enthusiastic about tightening business ties with that country.

So what do you do if you're O'Brien's chief rival for the mayor's job? Why, you beat him to the punch of course. Timing is everything on the campaign trail, and there's no greater joy for a politician than stealing the other guy's thunder.

Here's the announcement:

On Monday, September 20th Jim Watson will be meeting with leaders from the Chinese community to discuss concerns and ideas. Following the meeting they will pose for pictures releasing the new sign for the campaign written in Chinese characters.

The new sign will be unveiled at 11:45 a.m. in front of the new Archway at the Yangtze Restaurant located at 700 Somerset Street West.



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