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June 2012 Archives

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Oak Bay denies care facility

CEO of the Vancouver Island Health Authority, Howard Waldner, on Baptist Housing Society's rejected proposal to redevelop the Oak Bay Lodge.

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The heart of Fernwood

Victoria City Councillor, Ben Isitt, reminisces on the life and achievements of Paul Phillips.

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Canada Day Schedule


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Esquimalt policing remains unchanged

Victoria Police Chief, Jamie Graham, on VicPD's continued policing of Esquimalt following the denial of the township's request to hire the RCMP.

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Search and Rescue encounters cuts

Former chair of the senate committee on national security and defence, Senator Colin Kenny, on the federal cuts to Heavy Urban Search and Rescue.

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Teachers' dispute deal

President of BC's School Trustees' Association, Michael McEvoy, on the tentative agreement between the BC Teachers' Federation and Public School Employers' Association.

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Lyme disease controversy pt.2

British Columbia's senior medical health officer, Dr. Perry Kendall, on the different kinds of Lyme disease and the need for further research.

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Organic garden tour

Members of the Society for Organic Urban Land Care, Rochelle Relyea and Mark Salter, on creating organic gardens and landscapes that solve environmental problems.

More information and tickets can be found at

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Catalyst Paper's future begins to brighten

Former Mayor of Port Alberni and longtime employee of Catalyst Paper, Ken McRae, on the restructure of Catalyst Paper and what it means for his town.

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Lyme disease controversy pt.1

Green Party Leader and MP for Saanich Gulf Islands, Elizabeth May, discusses the need for a National Lyme Disease Strategy.

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Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor® Dreamcoat

David Lennam reviews Chemainus Theatre's Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor® Dreamcoat.

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Flying high - model planes help Campbell River teacher

Steve Joyce, a history teacher at Timberline Secondary School in Campbell River, is grateful for replacement airplane models because they will help him teach Canadian history.

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Horgan challenges "green" natural gas claim

John Horgan, NDP Energy Critic, discusses the BC Liberals' switch on natural gas. Premier Christy Clark says natural gas is "green." The opposition says that's a bad environmental choice.

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To buy or to rent?

Financial planner Leonore Davis give some advice about buying a house in this economic climate.

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The panel picks a bone with bonuses

When is a bonus not a bonus? And what politicians do on their summer vacation? The Friday panel wraps up the season with a discussion on those and other burning questions.

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Edmonton off leash issues

Dogs-only parks. We hear about how the city of Edmonton is handling the off-leash issue. Listen audio (runs 7:05)

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Coast Guard cuts

We find out why the union representing coast guard positions in Ucluelet and Comox think shutting down offices will endanger lives. Listen audio (runs 7:47)

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City of Victoria budget cuts

Trimming the fat or starving the city?  The City of Victoria is cutting its budgetover the next  three years.  Wel find out what programs might be axed from Councillor Lisa Helps.

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Dallas Road dog walkers

Dallas Road is a favourite doggie destination but it's just as popular with two-legged creatures.   Some reaction from local group Citizen Canine as animal control steps up enforcement of the off-leash area. Listen audio (runs 11:47)

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STEM schools

Learning a new way to learn. We find out how one Victoria school has re-designed its entire curriculum
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Tsunami debris clean up

Gregor talks to Vancouver Aquarium CEO John Nightingale about how to deal with the Japanese tsunami debris when it hits Canadian shores.

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The Foreigner

David Lennam reviews Langham Court Theatre's The Foreigner.

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Euthanasia laws deemed discriminatory

BC Chair of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, Dr. Will Johnston, on the B.C. Supreme Court's decision to overturn the ban on doctor-assisted suicide.

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Oak Bay construction conflict

Gregor speaks with Oak Bay Mayor, Nils Jensen, about the Oak Bay Watch and their opposition to recently constructed homes.

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Port Angeles marine campus proposal

The Port Angeles waterfront could be transformed in coming years. City council has committed fifty thousand dollars to study a possible 'multi-agency marine campus' for the town. We meet one of the proposers.

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The panel gets crude

Crude politics. Our political panel takes a look at the impact of a pipeline rupture in Alberta on the debate over the Northern Gateway project, and Christy Clark's welfare reforms.

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Coming Up:


Oysters to Hawaii. We'll find out why one Washington state aquaculture company has been forced to re-think how they produce oysters due to ocean acidification.

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Victoria's new busking bylaw

Khalil talks to councillor Charlayne Thornton Joe about the new busking bylaw for Victoria.  Listen audio (runs 8:05)

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Oak Bay divided over new home design

The changing face of Oak Bay. Some locals aren't happy about it. Khalil talks to a couple of members of Oak Bay Watch.

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Local auctioneer turns Pawn Master

Gregor speaks with owner of Kilshaw's Auction House, Alison Ross, about becoming the newest Pawn Master on Canadian reality show: Pawnathon Canada.

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Cowichan school board standoff

Cowichan school board chair, Eden Haythornthwaite, on the Cowichan Valley School District's deficit budget, and the resulting standoff with the the provincial government.

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Springer: then and now

Gregor speaks with Paul Spong, founder of OrcaLab, about the capture and release of Springer the Killer Whale ten years ago, and how she's doing now.

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Youth in custody tell their story

Anne Marshall, Director of the Centre for Youth and Society, and Kate Creedon, youth support counselor at the youth custody centre, on a graphic novel created by youth in custody.

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To purchase a copy of In and Out, or to check out an online version of the book, visit

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Protest over contaminated soil

Director for Area B of the Cowichan Valley Regional District, Bruce Fraser, talks about a proposal to dump contaminated soil near the headwaters of Shawnigan Lake.

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Volunteers trained in empathy

Gregor speaks with Community Volunteer Training coordinator, Marna Smith, about the Cool Aid Society's newest training initiative to help volunteers better understand vulnerable peoples' challenges.

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Political Panel on Cowichan school board and B.C. Liberals

Our political panel takes a look at the hard-line politics over a deficit school budget, and the future of the B.C. Liberals.

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Foreign species run ashore

Research Scientist at Oregon State University, John Chapman, talks about the ecological risks of foreign species aboard tsunami debris.

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The science of fish sounds

Marine ecologist at the University of Victoria, Professor Francis Juanes, talks about the sounds fish make and what they communicate.

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Cumberland's theatre threatened by fire

Gregor speaks with Bronco Moncrief, former Cumberland mayor and councillor, about the fire that almost consumed some of Cumberland's history.

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Feds to cut veteran services

Gregor speaks with Dave Sinclair, the past president of the BC and Yukon Command of the Royal Canadian Legion, about recent federal cuts to veteran services.

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Could drones guard our coast?

David Zimmerman, Professor of Military History at the University of Victoria, on how robotic boats could change the way we guard our coasts.

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Vic High grad gets diploma 70 years late

Yon Shimizu (cookhouse).jpg
Yon Shimizu poses at entrance to cookhouse inside a tar-paper shack at an Ontario camp. (Yon Shimizu family)

Gregor speaks with Tom Halbert about accepting a Grade 12 diploma today on behalf of his friend Yoshio Shimizu, who missed his graduation at Vic High 70 years ago when his family, and all Japanese Canadians, were forced from the West Coast during the Second World War. 

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The decline of Victoria's video porn vendors

Reporter Michael Tymchuk investigates the decline of the local adult video business in Victoria, as Red Hot Video, once the most notorious porno purveyor in Victoria, closes its doors.

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The Walworth Farce

David Lennam reviews Theatre Inconnu's The Walworth Farce.

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The need for needle sites

Dean Wilson, the Community Liason for the Portland Hotel Society in Vancouver, talks about the need for harm-reduction policies in Victoria.

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Stratford lead opens Blue Bridge season

Actor Amanda Lisman on returning to Victoria to play the lead in Blue Bridge Theatre's Arms and the Man.

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When cyclists and motorists mix

Where the rubber meets the road and the bike lane ends. Gregor talks to Constable Mike Russell about when cars and cyclists must share.
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Political panel on the spring session wrap-up

Wrapping it up. The political panel takes a look at what our elected representatives accomplished in the spring session, Christie Clark skipping the premier's meeting and the fuss over federal NDP leader Tom Mulcair.
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