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Patricia Rice's boyfriend, George Carberry talks with Azzo Rezori

The boyfriend of Patricia Rice - George Carberry - says he had nothing to do with her death. Rice's body was found in a marshy area off a walking trail in Paradise last week.
Reporter Azzo Rezori sat down with George Carberry in his trailer in Paradise.
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RNC Chief Robert Johnson's response to Timeco robbery

John Dwyer says he was protecting his business...but now he's paying the price.
Last Friday, his St. John's jewellery store, Timeco, was robbed...and now Mr. Dwyer himself is facing criminal charges. He chased the thief and got the jewelry back and also gave the thief a kick in the teeth. Here's part of what John Dwyer told "On the Go" host Tony Dawson. Tony also interviews RNC Chief Robert Johnson. 

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Regatta tragedy in 1884

The annual St. John's Regatta is just around the corner.
And for many - it's one of the biggest celebrations of the summer.
But on Monday people gathered to remember a Regatta tragedy.
Few of us know the story...but three young rowers from Torbay drowned at the annual event back in 1884.
Bob Codner is Mayor of Torbay. He's written about the incident in his book "The History of Torbay" - published in 1996. He speaks with host Tony Dawson.
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