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Our last Day On The Dock

ipods-580.jpg Thanks to everyone who tuned in this summer to On The Dock. In case you missed anything as we explored summer and lakeside life in Ontario, download podcasts of our shows:

August 6th (58.8MB) July 2nd (50.3MB) May 21st (54.8MB)

It was a real pleasure sharing the dock with you this summer. We hope to talk to you again soon. -Megan & Erik

The branding of cottage country

IMG-20120508-00244.jpg Elliot Lake has become known as the place where a mall roof tragically collased. But the uranium mining town turned retirement community is reinventing itself again as a cottage destination...this thanks to a deal to buy crown land from the province. Listen audio (runs 5:07)

Elliot Lake isn't the only place that is re-branding. Producer Erik White takes us through the world of cottage branding: Listen audio (runs 6:54)

Blue Green should never be seen...

That's how the old rhyme goes.
IMG_0325.JPG But they are being seen across Ontario, in potentially toxic algae blooms. We take a closer look and get a provincial perspective on how big a problem it is: Listen audio (runs 10:02)