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Interviews from October 20-December 16, 2010

As we have launched our new website, here is an archive of previous interviews from October to December 2010.

Thursday December 16

To find out what's happening with the New Democrats hear Mike Farnworth. He's the NDP MLA for Port Coquitlam. Listen to interview (runs 7:24)

Quinn's Quiz. Listen to interview (runs 7:27)

Our Night Sky Guy Andrew Fazekas unwravels the science of the solstice. Listen to interview (runs 8:01)

Scott Ferguson drops by with a slew of great books to buy this holiday season. Listen to interview (runs 8:08)

Wednesday December 15

Zach Suleman a Grade 12 student at Britannia Secondary School talks about lowering the voting age to 16 in BC. Listen to interview (runs 6:05)

Rennie Hoffman is Executive Director of the Mood Disorders Association of B-C. He's also a former VPD officer. Listen to interview (runs 8:35)

It's the holiday season and chances are, the last thing on your mind is your taxes. But according to our business columnist Donna Guzik, there are a few steps you might want to take before ringing in the new year. Listen to interview (runs 6:29)

A community group in the Fraser Valley is trying to bring a mobile health clinic to migrant farm workers. Listen to interview (runs 6:26)

Tuesday December 14

Dr.Bruce Campana on doctors reporting gunshot wounds to police. Listen to interview (runs 7:14)

Michelle Eliot looks into religion and parenting on The Parent Project. Listen to interview (runs 6:34)

Jurgen Gothe with suggestions for the whiskey lover on your Christmas list. Listen to interview (runs 8:25)

Dan Misener with some holiday gadget-buying tips. Listen to interview (runs 8:08)

Monday December 13

Harbajhan Gill is the president of the Komagata Maru Heritage Foundation. Listen to interview (runs 6:36)

Anya Levykh with a list of ideal gifts for any gourmet. Listen to interview (runs 7:44)

Doctor Brian Goldman has the latest on a massive outbreak of cholera in earthquake-torn Haiti. Listen to interview (runs 5:32)

Friday December 10

Film reviewer Katherine Monk Listen to interview (runs 8:04)

Tomorrow morning the city of Vancouver and the Park Board will unveil a brand new playground at Kits Beach. Listen to interview (runs 5:10)

Friends of Lee Matasi are still working to keep his legacy alive. Matasi was a much-loved skateboarder and artist killed five years ago in Vancouver. We speak with one of his friends about a special concert happening tomorrow. Listen to interview (runs 7:26)

Curtis Phillips is a freelance sports journalist and basketball historian. Listen to interview (runs 7:00)

Thursday December 9

BC Supreme court hear video testimony from women who say their lives were destroyed by Polygamy. Kathleen Mackert was one of those women. Listen to interview (runs 8:33)

Chris Harris is the President of the Vancouver Elementary School Teachers Association. Listen to interview (runs 7:10)

Rebecca Haines-Saah is a sociologist at UBC who does research on procative anti-smoking messages on cigarettes. Listen to interview (runs 7:24)

Night Sky Guy Andrew Fazekas tells us all about this month's Geminid meteor shower. Listen to interview (runs 7:25)

Wednesday December 8

Allan Johnsrude manager of the Chilliwack Forest District on how to cut your own Christmas tree. Listen to interview (runs 7:48)   Here is the website

Anne Longley tells us what she expects her job will look like as the Twitter-er of the VPD. Listen to interview (runs 6:14)

Janyse Hrynkow is a psychotherapist with the Canadian Mental Health Association. She will be hosting a forum on handling holiday stress at the John Braithwaite Community Centre in North Vancouver tonight. Listen to interview (runs 7:03)

Tuesday December 7

Should the courts be regulating hyper links? Roy Millen is a lawyer with the BC Civil Liberties Association. Listen to interview (runs 6:46)

Natalie Michael a Vancouver career coach and founder of the Karmichael Group gives advice on quitting work. Listen to interview (runs 5:19)

Anthony Gurr: World of Warcraft Player. Listen to interview (runs 6:56)

Scott Hannah is the president and CEO of the Credit Counselling Society of British Columbia. Listen to interview (runs 8:11)

Monday December 6

Kathy Corrigan, Caucus Chair of the BC NDP. Listen to interview (runs 10:13)

We check in with independent MLA Bob Simpson on the next step now that Carole James has resigned.Listen to interview (runs 5:52)

House doctor Brian Goldman looks at stress and burnout among health care professionals. Listen to interview (runs 6:28)

Thursday December 2

Stock markets are soaring... but is it just a Santa Claus rally?  Or a sign of good times ahead.  Our personal finance columnist Mark Ting with his thoughts. Listen to interview (runs 5:10)

They're young. They're clumsy.  And they often feel lost as they try to figure out the adult world.  Our weekly science columnist tellS us about the trying times of young Great White sharks. Listen to interview (runs 8:43)

Wednesday December 1

NDP MLA Jenny Kwan goes rogue, and calls for a new leader. Listen to interview (runs 6:46)

She thought she was doing a public good but Craigslist thought otherwise. Hear about a Langley woman's efforts to sell breast milk online. Listen to interview (runs 6:26)

Jenna Chow on Help-Portrait at the Carnegie Centre at Main and Hastings this Saturday. Listen to interview (runs 2:08)

Ron Davidson, author former olympic hockey player and author of "Play Better Hockey: 50 Essential Skills for Player Development". Listen to interview (runs 8:04)

Tuesday November 30

Sharon Rosenfeldt's son Daryn was sixteen years old when he was abducted and killed by Clifford Olson. Today, Sharon came face to face with Olson at his latest Parole review.  A request that was denied. She's the co-founder of Victims of Violence hear her interview with Grant Lawrence. Listen to interview (runs 7:09)

What makes a good parent? One new study tries to give a final answer to that question. And the findings may surprise you. Our parenting columnist Michelle Eliot will be by to tell us all about it. Listen to interview (runs 5:01)

Eyob Naizghi talks to us about how difficult the new citizenship test. Listen to interview (runs 6:29)

Kerrie Watt talking about the dangers of drugged-driving. Listen to interview (runs 7:11)

Monday November 29

Hear from councillor Geoff Meggs about the city's worst intersections for cyclists. Listen to interview (runs 7:15)

Many of us will be enjoying a great meal on the town at this time of year. But it's also the season to give back. Our guide to the local food scene Anya Levykh is here with that story. Listen to interview (runs 6:32)

Juno award-winning musician Bif Naked shares her journey battling breast cancer. Listen to interview (runs 8:46)

Friday November 26

Katherine Monk with her look at two movies coming out this weekend. Disney's new animated film Tangled, and a documentary about man's relationship with trash, called Wasteland. Listen to interview (runs 7:41)

Ryan Cousineau is the curator of "From Pong to Pokemon", and exhibit at the Surrey Museum that runs through December. Tomorrow's hands-on playday is from 1:30 to 4:30. Listen to interview (runs 5:34)

The CBC's Ainslie MacLellan set out to discover the recipe for tailgate success. Listen to interview (runs 4:24)

Jean Kavanagh talks about some of the entries into the library's time capsule contest. Listen to interview (runs 7:12)

Thursday November 25

Quinn's Quiz. Listen to interview (runs 6:40)

Henry Yu is writing papers and holding public discussions about the backlash created by the Too Asian article at MacLeans Magazine.Listen to interview (runs 5:39)

Property taxes in Metro Vancouver could raise ever higher to pay for our transit system. Welook at other ways cities can make money besides taxing the land. Listen to interview (runs 5:21)

Hear about how mammals went on a massive growth spurt after the demise of dinosaurs. Our weekly science columnist tells us the tale of the biggest warm-blooded creature to ever walk the world.Listen to interview (runs 6:59)

Wednesday November 24

When it comes to getting tested for H-I-V, there's a big difference between age groups in Vancouver. Hear more from Dr. Reka Gufstafson is a Medical Health Officer with Vancouver Coastal Health. Listen to interview (runs 6:26)

Lindsey Houghton gives us the update on the hostage-taking last night at RayCam, because the alleged hostage taker has now been charged.  Listen to interview (runs 5:49)

Renter be-ware! Do rental car agencies really know the rules and regulations when it comes to winter driving in the Southern Interior? We plough through that question. Listen to interview (runs 8:11)

Tuesday November 23

Michelle Eliot with The Parent Project talks about the pressures of fundraising, and why there's been such an increase over the last ten years. Listen to interview (runs 6:01)

Jody Robertson with E-Comm, south-west B-C's emergency communications service, operates 911 locally. Listen to interview (runs 7:50)

He's a star on the rise. Indo-Canadian Comic Sugar Sammy is making waves in the world of comedy. He speaks about a new TV special and his tour. Listen to interview (runs 8:12)

Monday November 22

Friends and British Columbians are remembering David Lam who has passed away from prostate cancer at the age of 87. Hear Milton Wong, a fellow businessman and philanthropist who co-founded the Canadian International Dragon Boat Festival with David Lam. Listen to interview (runs 8:14)

Should polygamy be considered a crime? Robert Holmes is president of the BC Civil Liberties Association. Kasari Govender is the legal director of West Coast LEAF. Listen to interview (runs 6:53)

Anya Levykh on the Return of the Grilled Cheese Sandwich. Listen to interview (runs 5:35)

House doctor Brian Goldman has the details on a new study that casts doubt on the benefits of telephone checkups with your doctor. Listen to interview (runs 6:40)

Friday November 19

Film reviewer Katherine Monk. Listen to interview (runs 8:24)

Moe Sihota is president of the B.C. New Democratic Party. Listen to interview (runs 8:47)

Graham Stark is one of the drivers of "Desert Bus for Hope". You can see a live webcast of the marathon of boredom, at desertbus.org. Listen to interview (runs 6:32)

Thursday November 18

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is expected to earn tens of millions of dollars at the Box Office. Since today is News Day in BC, and student reporters are delivering the stories on the CBC we sent Grade 12 student Douglas Scandrett out to catch a preview of the new flick. Listen to interview (runs 5:31)

Dr. Gary Namie author of "The Bully at Work" and co-founder of the Workplace Bullying Institute. Listen to interview (runs 8:01)

Quinn's Quiz. Listen to interview (runs 7:01)

Workplace bullying is on many people's minds after Bill Bennett's bombshell comments about Gordon Campbell's leadership. So two of our Newsday students, Doug Scandrett and Juliet Levine, hit the streets to ask you...How do you define workplace bullying? Listen to interview (runs :57)

Team building for the dramatic teen. Our CBC News Day in BC Highschool student Meghan Sheilds takes us inside an afterschool improv workshop. Listen to interview (runs 4:58)

Matthew Lazin-Ryder, and our News Day student Julet Levine with today's Hot Topic. Listen to interview (runs 4:25)

Wednesday November 17

Bill Bennett is the Liberal MLA for Kootenay East. He's BC's former Energy Minister. Listen to interview (runs 5:55)

Colin Hansen is BC's Finance Minister and deputy premier.  Listen to interview (runs 7:15)

Keith Roy, Monarchist League of Canada. Listen to interview (runs 7:50)

Russell Peters talks about his new book, Call me Russell. Listen to interview (runs 10:05)

Jim Babb is co-founder of 'we won't fly dot com.' Listen to interview (runs 6:57)

Tuesday November 16

On the parent project Michelle looks into the parental quest for cool, and how advertising is banking on it.Listen to interview (runs 7:52)

Bev Ballantyne is a transportation critic. She's with a group called Putting Pedestrians First. Listen to interview (runs 7:37)

Wendy Phillips is the author of "Fishtailing." The book won a Governor General's Literary Award today for Children's Literature. Listen to interview (runs 6:42)

Dr. Stanley Coren is a professor of psychology at the University of British Columbia and an expert on dog-human interactions. He's the author of the new book Born to Bark: My Adventures with an Irrepressible and Unforgettable Dog. Listen to interview (runs 7:19)

Monday November 15

Hear from two Surrey Councilors who are quite happy the next Premier will not be Dianne Watts. Listen to interview (runs 8:34)

There's a growing debate over why some doctors are attempting to exercise the authority to refuse treatment they believe to be futile. Brian Goldman our house doctor has more. Listen to interview (runs 7:35)

Friday November 12

James Moore is the Minister of Canadian Heritage and Official Languages, and he's also the MP for Port Moody, Westwood, Port Coquitlam. He talks aboutVancouver being named a cultural capital of Canada for 2011. Listen to interview (runs 7:35)

Laurel and Michael Middelaer are the parents of Alexa Middelaer. Listen to interview (runs 8:28)

Steve Boker, pasenger on Carnival Splendor Cruise. Listen to interview (runs 6:26)

Wally Oppal. He pushed to get cameras in courtrooms when he was BC's Attorney-General. Listen to interview (runs 7:03)

Don Ihde is the keynote speaker at the Cinesonika film and video festival. Listen to interview (runs 8:24)

Thursday November 11

Dr. Ross Brown ER doctor at VGH, and trauma doctor with the military, serving in Afghanistan and Bosnia. Listen to interview (runs 7:13)

Stephen takes a stroll through Vancouver's Mountainview Cemetery, and met up with a young woman from Ladner who has made remembering Canada's fallen soldiers something of a mission. Listen to interview (runs 6:39)

Senator Romeo Dallaire. His new book is called "They fight like soldiers, they die like children". (TWO PARTS) Listen to interview (runs 14:52)

Howe Lee is the founder and president of the Chinese-Canadian Military Museum. Listen to interview (runs 7:38)

Poppies made in Canada. We'll follow the journey of our country's symbol of remembrance, from the factory to the cenotaph. Listen to interview (runs 3:25)

For this week's science column Michael Bhardwaj looks at how the Second World War was fought in the lab. He'll tell us about how wartime science and gadgets still touch our lives today.Listen to interview (runs 5:58)

Wednesday November 10

Mike Farnworth NDP MLA and Opposition House Leader. Listen to interview (runs 7:22)

Goran Basaric, photographer. His work, "Emigrant and Immigrant" is being exhibited at the Memory Festival. The Festival is at the Roundhouse Community Centre. For more information go to www.memoryfestival.org Listen to interview (runs 7:33)

Tuesday November 9

Brooke Johnson, writer-performer, Trudeau Stories. Listen to interview (runs 8:15)

Dai Qing, Chinese journalist, activist, author of Yangtze! Yangtze! Listen to interview (runs 6:35)

Our technology columnist Dan Misener tells us about a new browser with social networking built right into it. Listen to interview (runs 6:43)

One of Canada's most famous pilots is coming to CBC Television Stephen speaks with the star of "Billy Bishop Goes to War", Eric Peterson. Listen to interview (runs 8:32)

Monday November 8

An unprovoked attack driven by virulent homophobia." That's how the judge described Shawn Woodward's actions when he punched a 62-year-old gay man at a bar in Vancouver's West End. Today Woodward was sentenced to six years in prison. Stephen speaks to West End activist Ron Stipp.Listen to interview (runs 6:56)

Heidi Illingworth, executive director, Canadian Resource Centre for Victims of Crime. Listen to interview (runs 6:40)

The BC government is reconsidering the tough new drunk driving laws that recently came into effect. Hear what Ian Tostenson, the president of the BC Restaurant and Food Association, has to say. Listen to interview (runs 6:52)

Some patients don't get along with their doctor.  And some doctors say the feeling is mutual. House doctor Brian Goldman talks about difficult patients and what doctors are doing about them. Listen to interview (runs 6:05)

Thursday November 4

Gail Getty studies bedbugs. She's an entemologist at the University of California, Berkeley. Listen to interview (runs 9:12)

Quinn's Quizz. Listen to interview (runs 5:06)

Jenna Chow goes back to her old high school Vancouver Technical High school to talk to the band Stars.Listen to interview (runs 8:03)

Wednesday November 3

Former Premier Bill Vanderzalm on resignation of Premier Gordon Campbell. Listen to interview (runs 4:06)

Health Minister Kevin Falcon on resignation of Premier Gordon Campbell. Listen to interview (runs 7:51)

Carole James is the leader of the NDP. She responds to the resignation of Premier Gordon Campbell. Listen to interview (runs 5:52)

Energy Minister Bill Bennett on resignation of Premier Gordon Campbell. Listen to interview (runs 6:26)

Ujjal Dosanjh is the MP for Vancouver South and former NDP premier of BC. He talks about the resignation of Premier Gordon Campbell. Listen to interview (runs 7:00)

Independent MLA Blair Lekstrom on the resignation of Premier Gordon Campbell. Listen to interview (runs 5:00)

Tuesday November 2

Hosting a fundraiser netted the manager of the Delta Lion Pub a big fine. Listen to interview (runs 8:16)

Michelle Eliot with the Parent Project talks about the challenges of taking children to restaurants.Listen to interview (runs 8:11)

The fine line between digital archiving and digital hoarding. On the Coast technology columnist Dan Misener has more. Listen to interview (runs 8:04)

Jeff Mallett one of the principle owners of the San Francisco Giants. Listen to interview (runs 5:25)

Monday November 1

House doctor Brian Goldman drops by to tell us why switching back to Standard Time may be hazardous to your health. Listen to interview (runs 5:59)

Friday October 29

Movie reviewer Katherine Monk. Listen to interview (runs 8:22)

When city councillors hear overwhelming opposition at a public hearing for a proposal is it the will of the people or is it just the NIMBYs with the loudest voices? Stephen speaks with two councillors about how they make decisions for the public good. Listen to interview (runs 8:27)

Jenna Chow with a Halloween roundup for this weekend. Listen to interview (runs 6:22)

Thursday October 28

Making sense of a crime that defies understanding. After two teenage boys pleaded guilty to the brutal murder of Kimberly Proctor Stephen speaks to an SFU criminologist about personality disorders. Listen to interview (runs 5:39)

Quinn's Quiz. Listen to interview (runs 6:43)

Dr. Robert Miles says our desire to scare ourselves has its roots in Gothic fiction. Listen to interview (runs 7:18)

Wednesday October 27

Next week California may legalize marijuana. And that could devastate BC's illegal marijuana industry. Bob Keating tells us why. Listen to interview (runs 8:42)

Ivan Henry has been acquitted of 10 counts of indecent assault. He's now living with his family in North Vancouver. Stephen speaks with Henry's daughters. Listen to interview (runs 9:01)

Catherine Sas is an immigration lawyer in Vancouver. She's representing Randy and Evi Quaid. Listen to interview (runs 5:57)

SFU earth scientist John Clegg talks about rising sea levels. Listen to interview (runs 5:46)

Stephen gets a songwriting lesson with Veda Hille. Listen to interview (runs 5:22)

Tuesday October 26

Stephen visits the Dunbar Haunted House.Listen to interview (runs 6:55)

The gory and the goulish make their appearance this Halloween weekend.  But can it be too much for your young child to handle?  That's on this week's Parent Project. Listen to interview (runs 6:42)

Lawrence Scanlan is a journalist and the author of A Year of Living Generously: Dispatches from the Front Lines of Philanthropy. Listen to interview (runs 6:58)

Google's WiFi gaffe. Our technology columnist Dan Misener tells us how the technology giant picked up personal information from WiFi routers across the country. Listen to interview (runs 6:48)

Monday October 25

Bing Thom is a Vancouver architect. He's in Washington DC, to celebrate the opening of the new Arena Stage, which he designed. Listen to interview (runs 7:08)

Long waits in the ER are commonplace these days.  House doctor Brian Goldman has a daring proposal:  make public ER wait times in real time as an incentive to speed things up. Listen to interview (runs 7:19)

Niels Veldhuis is Vice President of Canadian Policy Research at the Fraser Institute. He talks about Premier Gordon Campbell approval rating. Listen to interview (runs 6:43)

Thursday October 21

Questions still linger about Basi, Virk, and the plea agreement. Stephen speaks to Attorney General Mike de Jong. Listen to interview (runs 9:17)

Quinn's Quiz. Listen to interview (runs 6:57)

Jay Ingram's latest book is called Daily Planet:  The Ultimate Book of Everyday Science. Listen to interview (runs 8:18)

Charlotte Gray author of "Gold Diggers: Striking it Rich in the Klondike." Listen to interview (runs 6:06)

An impending shortage could drive the cost of helium skyhigh. Our science columnist Andrew Westoll has more. Listen to interview (runs 6:46)

Barbara Jo McIntosh is the owner of Barbara-Jo's Books to Cooks. Listen to interview (runs 7:45)

Wednesday October 20

Sarah Bynoe is the editor of Teen Angst: A Celebration of Really Bad Poetry and the host of the Vogon Poetry Slam. Listen to interview (runs 6:47)

Ross Howard is a journalism instructor at Langara College. He talks about the public's right to know versus media sensationalism regarding the crimes of Colonel Russell Williams. Listen to interview (runs 7:51)

"Heart of a Dragon" chronicals the China leg of Hansen's trip around the world. One of the characters who drives the film is Jim Byrnes. Listen to interview (runs 6:57)

Ray Moynihan is the co-author of "Sex, Lies and Pharmaceuticals: How Drug Companies Plan to Profit from Female Sexual Dysfunction." It's published by Greystone Books. Listen to interview (runs 5:45)

Charles Foran is the author of "Mordecai: The Life and Times." Listen to interview (runs 7:46)

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