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On The Coast
with Stephen Quinn

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Urban Foodie Anya Levykh's recipe for blacktail oysters


By Executive Chef Geoff Rogers
Blacktail Restaurant & Lounge


12 oysters, medium sized

250g fresh cucumber juice (approximately 2 cucumbers)

2g citric acid

1/4 cucumber

5g soy lecithin

horseradish, freshly grated


Circulate oysters at 60c for 5 minutes then plunge into an ice bath until cold, and set aside. Mix a pinch of salt, 2g citric acid and cucumber juice together, and set aside. To intensify the colour of the cucumber mixture, vacuum seal until needed. Finely brunoise 1/4 cucumber with seeds removed, and marinade in 100ml of cucumber juice. Add soy lecithin to the remaining cucumber mignonette and blend thoroughly with a handheld stick blender until foam appears.

To plate, shuck oysters and place on salt. Top with 1/4 tsp marinated diced cucumber, a pinch of fresh grated horseradish and foam.

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Master of Wine Barbara Philip's Wine Festival picks

Recommendations - Wine Festival - Australia

Oliver's Taranga Fiano. McLaren Vale. 2014. $29.99

Balnave's Estate 'The Blend' Coonawarra. 2012. $29.99

Jamsheed 'Harem La Syrah'.  Yarra Valley/Pyrenees. 2013. $32.99

Moorooduc Estate Robinson Pinot Noir. Morning Peninsula. 2012. $49.99

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Urban Foodie Anya Levykh's recipe for salad of smoked salmon and pomelo

Salad of smoked salmon and pomelo

By Chef Angus An / Maenam restaurant

Salad for salad

120 g pomelo flesh, skin and pith removed

150g smoked salmon

2 shallots, sliced

Handful of mint and coriander leaves

2 tablespoons of sawtooth coriander

1 tablespoon lemongrass

1 tablespoon sliced kaffir lime leaves

1 tablespoons toasted Thai peanuts

1 tablespoons toasted shredded coconut (if available)

Ikura (salmon roe)


10 cleaned coriander roots

10 orange chilli, de-seeded

A few scuds (bird's eye chillies)

A good pinch of salt

Fresh mandarin orange zest

½ cup of lime juice

2 tablespoons mandarin juice

Dash of pineapple vinegar (if needed, to taste)

White sugar

Fish sauce

To make the dressing: Using a mortar and pestle, pound the dressing ingredients. Start with coriander roots, chillies, and scuds first. Add the mandarin zest, lime juice, and orange juice. Season with fish sauce and salt to taste.  The dressing should be equally sweet and hot, sour and salty.  The mandarin juice and pineapple vinegar are used to bring out freshness of the dressing and give it depth--it should not show through too much.  

Take the skin off the fish with a fish knife and reserve skin for frying. Brush the smoked salmon with some oil and cook in oven at 200F for 4 minutes until it just flakes apart. Fry the skin in fryer or shallow fry in a pan of hot oil until golden and crispy. Flake the fish part and mix with all the ingredients of the salad. Toss with dressing. Finish with crispy skin and ikura to garnish. Read more »

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Barb/Argentina Is More Than Malbec

Wine Master Barb Philip called in from South America to educate us on how Argentina is more than just Malbec.

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Urban Foodie came in to sing the praises of everybody's food favourite, pizza.

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Anya/V-Day Treat

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Barb/Zinfandel 2015

Wine Master Barb Philip shone the spotlight on the big, bold red Zinfandel.

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Anya/Bread on the Table

Urban Foodie Anya Levykh filled us on how restaurants are putting a fresh emphasis on the staff of life and she left us with a DIY recipe for focaccia.

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Anya/Local Potage

Urban Foodie Anya Levykh dropped by with a recipe for a not so humble potage that features BC ingredients.

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Barb/Wines with Character Under $15

Wine Master Barb Philip came bearing news of wines that will please your palate and your pocketbook.