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Greg SorbaraLIB2896161.94%X
Gayani WeerasinghePC877318.76%
Rick MorelliNDP541711.59%
Russell KorusGRN29786.37%
Savino QuatelaIND6241.33%
October 11, 2:25:56 AM EDT 273 of 273 polls reporting
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Vaughan (097)

Russell Korus Green
Rick Morelli NDP
Savino Quatela Independent
Greg Sorbara Liberal
Gayani Weerasinghe PC

Vaughan (097)

This riding, located just north of Toronto, encompasses both vast stretches of farmland and more populated, industrial areas.

The riding extends from Steeles Avenue in the south to King Township in the north. It stretches from the town of Aurora in the northeast to the city of Vaughan in south.

This riding is as diverse as it is large, including bungalows in the northeast section to the multimillion-dollar estates of King Township in the west. At 87 per cent, this riding has the second highest level of home ownership in Ontario. It also has 44 per cent of residents identifying themselves as Italian, the highest rate in the province.

In the 2007 redistribution, Vaughn was created from parts of Vaughan-King-Aurora. The latter riding was created in 1999 using more than one-third of York Centre and 44 per cent of York-Mackenzie.

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Political History:

The Progressive Conservatives have long held sway in the old riding of York-Mackenzie (formerly known as York North), stretching back to Addison Alex Mackenzie, who won six terms to hold the seat from 1945 to 1967. Fellow Tory Bill Hodgson then retained it from 1967 to 1985.

Greg Sorbara captured the riding for the Liberals in 1985, but moved on to York Centre for two successful runs in 1987 and 1990. Liberal Charles Beer won York-Mackenzie in 1987 and was re-elected in 1990. Beer lost to Tory Frank Klees in 1995; Klees was re-elected in the new riding of Oak Ridges in 1999.

In the former riding of York Centre, the reign of Liberals Donald Deacon (1967-75) and Alf Stong (1975-81) ended when Tory Don Cousens beat Stong in 1981; Cousens was re-elected in 1985. In 1987, Liberal Greg Sorbara (the incumbent in York North) won the seat in a landslide over Tory Doug Mason. Sorbara was re-elected in 1990, but left politics for the private sector in 1995.

Al Palladini took the seat for the Tories in 1995, serving as transportation minister until 1997 and then as economic development, trade and tourism minister. After the 1999 redistribution created Vaughan-King-Aurora, Palladini ran again and won, but he resigned in February 2001 and died of a heart attack one month later. The Liberals recaptured Vaughan-King-Aurora in the byelection following Palladini's resignation. Greg Sorbara beat Conservative Joyce Frustaglio, with 61 per cent of the vote. Sorbara won a commanding victory in 2003, crushing Tory Carmine Iacono by more than 15,000 votes. Sorbara was appointed finance minister from October 2003 to October 2005, when he left cabinet after being accused of involvement in a fraud case.

Sorbara was reinstated as Ontario's finance minister in May 2006 after an Ontario Superior Court judge ordered his name removed from the RCMP search warrant that had implicated him in a major fraud investigation. The judge ruled that the RCMP acted too quickly and did not have adequate information when they added Sorbara's name to the warrants.

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