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Brad DuguidLIB1775053.66%X
Samy AppaduraiPC831425.13%
Kathleen MathurinNDP437513.23%
Andrew StrachanGRN18305.53%
Thomas LangFCP4651.41%
David PredovichLTN3461.05%
October 11, 2:25:56 AM EDT 211 of 211 polls reporting
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Scarborough Centre (081)

Samy Appadurai PC
Brad Duguid Liberal
Thomas Lang FCP
Kathleen Mathurin NDP
David Predovich Libertarian
Andrew Strachan Green

Scarborough Centre (081)

This densely populated Toronto riding is primarily residential, with a large number of small businesses.

It extends from Ellesmere Road and Highway 401 in the north to Eglinton Avenue in the south. In the west, it begins at Victoria Park Avenue and stretches east to Markham Road.

The region boasts a high ethnic population and has the greatest share of Tamil speakers in Ontario. It also holds large East Indian, Italian and Chinese communities.

Following the 1999 redistribution, the new Scarborough Centre riding combined 43 per cent of the old Scarborough Centre, 75 per cent of Scarborough-Ellesmere and 43 per cent of Scarborough West.

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Political History:

In the old riding of Scarborough-Ellesmere, New Democrat David Warner won in 1975 and 1977. Tory Alan Robinson defeated Warner in 1981, but Warner reclaimed the seat in 1985 by a mere 219 votes. In 1987, Liberal Frank Faubert defeated Warner, who bounced back to reclaim the seat a second time in 1990. Warner lost for the third and final time to Tory Marilyn Mushinski in 1995.

Other than a single NDP win in 1967, the Tories held the old riding of Scarborough Centre from 1963 to 1987, when it fell to Liberal Cindy Nicholas. The seat went to New Democrat Steve Owens in 1990, but returned to the Tories in 1995 when Dan Newman won the riding.

Stephen Lewis, who led the NDP from 1970 to 1978, won elections in the old riding of Scarborough West in 1963, 1967, 1971, 1975 and 1977. When Lewis left politics, New Democrat Richard Johnston won the seat in a 1979 byelection, and followed up with victories in 1985 and 1987. The NDP's Anne Swarbrick secured the riding in 1990. Tory James Brown won in 1995.

Tory Marilyn Mushinski reclaimed the redistributed riding in 1999, beating Liberal Costas Manios. Mushinski was named citizenship, culture and recreation minister in 1996 but was not re-appointed to cabinet after her 1999 victory. She went down to defeat in 2003 as Liberal Brad Duguid won by 10,072 votes.

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