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Kevin FlynnLIB2072649.54%X
Rick ByersPC1454434.76%
Marion Frances SchafferGRN34898.34%
Tony CrawfordNDP28276.76%
Michael James TotedaFCP2520.6%
October 11, 2:25:56 AM EDT 243 of 253 polls reporting
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Oakville (060)

Rick Byers PC
Tony Crawford NDP
Kevin Flynn Liberal
Marion Frances Schaffer Green
Michael James Toteda FCP

Oakville (060)

This affluent riding is located about 40 kilometres west of Toronto and lies on the north shore of Lake Ontario.

It comprises that part of Oakville south of Upper Middle Road West and Upper Middle Road East.

The riding has a high percentage of administrative and managerial jobs in addition to a strong manufacturing sector.

As a result of the 1999 redistribution the new riding of Oakville combined one-third of Halton Centre with almost all of the old Oakville riding.

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Political History:

Tory Jim Snow held the old Oakville riding from 1975 to 1985. Terry O'Connor kept the riding for the party in 1985, but only edged past Liberal Doug Carrothers by 687 votes. O'Connor lost to Carrothers in a 1987 rematch in Oakville South. The riding went back to the Tories in 1990, when Gary Carr defeated Carrothers by a mere 108 votes.

Carr was re-elected in 1995, and again in the redistributed Oakville riding in 1999. He was then appointed Speaker of the legislature. In January 2003, Carr announced his intention to not run in the next election. Later, he was harshly critical of Premier Ernie Eves' decision to introduce the 2003 budget at a car-parts plant in Brampton.

In the old riding of Halton Centre, which was formed in 1987, Liberal Barb Sullivan won in 1987 and 1990. She was defeated in 1995 by Tory Terence Young. Young lost the party nomination for this seat after Mike Harris's government reduced the overall number of provincial ridings in 1996.

Gary Carr won the nomination race and the 1999 election in the riding, but stayed for only one term. Disagreeing with the party's direction, Carr chose not to run in 2003. He ran federally in the Halton riding in 2004, and won, but was defeated in 2006.

Liberal Kevin Flynn captured Oakville in 2003, beating Tory Kurt Franklin by 3,408 votes.

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