Ontario by the numbers

By Emily Chung
CBCNews.ca | Updated Aug. 31, 2007

Statistics on voter turnout and election history.

  • Number of electoral districts in 2007: 107
  • Increase from 2003: 4
  • Number of previous general elections: 38
  • First election year: 1867

 Ontario's changing, rearranging legislature

  Party breakdowns before the 2007 vote
  and after each of the past 10 elections Party breakdowns before the 2007 vote and after each of the past 10 elections

 2007 quick facts

Population 12.2 million
Eligible voters 8.5 million
Registered political parties 9
Polling places 28,000
Poll workers 70,000
Projected total cost $92.9 million
Cost per voter $11
Cost of advance polls $3.4 million
Cost of referendum education $6.8 million
Amount saved with fixed election date $7.1 million

 Stats from the past:
 Remarkable ridings in 2003

Oak Ridges Most voters in one riding128,280
Temiskaming-Cochrane Fewest voters in one riding51,169
Huron-Bruce Highest turnout in one riding66.5%
Hamilton East Lowest turnout in one riding46.7%
Parkdale-High Park Most candidates in one riding8

 Exceptional elections

1871: Lowest ratio of candidates to seats: 1.9
Fewest candidates: 82 (tied with 1867)
1898: Highest turnout: 74.1%
1923: Lowest turnout: 54.7 %
1929: Last year when any seat was acclaimed
1995: Most candidates overall: 651
1999: Most candidates in a single riding: 10
Highest ratio of candidates to seats: 5.5

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